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Interesting Facts About Your Body You May Not Know

Interesting Facts About Your Body You May Not Know

The human body is a marvel; nobody knows exactly how it all works. But, we use it for everything – digestion, heat regulation, transportation. The mysteries of the human body have baffled scientists for thousands of years, throughout the years we have managed to explore further than ever before – due to technological advances. You must follow the best diet plan to keep your body sound and healthy.

Here are some facts that you may not have known

1. 7 miles of new blood vessels are added for every half a kilogram of fat gained
Due to the new fat that has formed, the body needs to supply it with blood. The body then has to expand its vascular system, and also pump faster supply blood to the new vessels – through the new blood vessels.

If, however, you lose some weight, the body will then destroy the new vessels as it will be looking for a new energy source.

2. Your Muscles burn more calories than they burn fat
Your muscle tissue will burn calories at three times the rate which it will burn fat. Therefore, it is important to gain more muscle tissue because the calories are what become fat. So it is better to eliminate it from the beginning than after it has turned into fat. By burning your fat, you can ensure health and fitness of your body.

3. You shrink during the day
It may come as a surprise, but the difference is not huge and is hardly noticeable – one-half inch taller when you wake. Scientists have found that the human body is tallest soon after a sleeping session; this is due to the excess fluid that builds up in your spinal disks. This fluid is produced during the body’s sleep cycles and soon deplete as the day goes by – due to standing around.

4. The stomach replaces its lining every three days
The stomach is full of hydrochloric acid – a very powerful acid that is usually used to treat metals. Due to the presence of this acid, the stomach lining almost digests itself. To prevent this from happening, the stomach secretes mucus – which lines the stomach, and changes every three days.

5. You can boil 2 liters of water in half an hour
The human body radiates heat from metabolic processes; this heat, combined with heat produced from exercise and homeostasis all add up to a value that is enough to boil half a gallon of water.

6. Your bones are as strong as graphite
A small chunk of your bone is enough to hold almost 20,000 pounds of weight – make you wonder how much force has to be experienced before you break it in an accident. Compared to concrete, human bone is four times greater in support strength.

7. Skin is your largest organ
Yes, your skin is as much an organ as your liver, kidneys, and heart. The skin is an outer covering an organ. The average sized human being has around two square meters of skin, covering their body. Women have been estimated to have less skin than men, but an astonishing 10% of your body weight is made up from your skin.

8. Your brain will stop growing
Studies have shown that the human brain continues to grow up until the age of 18 and began to lose almost 1000 brain cells a day from then on.

Your grey matter composes only 2% of your total body mass but takes up almost 20% of the energy produced from carbohydrates and other sources.

9. You have 600 muscles and 206 bones in your body
You are stronger than you think! If you had to contract every single muscle in your body against a single direction, you would be able to pull over 20 tons.

As you may know, the human body has over 200 bones – but, at birth, the human body has over 300 bones, but they fuse together over time when growing into an adult.

10. Your heart pumps over 40 million times a year
This figure is only based on a normal, resting, heart rate. During the average life span, your heart beats over 2.5 billion times. At that rate, you can fill almost 13 fuel tankers in a lifetime.

It is worth noting that your heart rate increases significantly during exercise – some more maths to think about during your day.