Ideas For Increased Effectiveness

Is your online physician profile hampering your success?

Calling all wannabe physician entrepreneurs or physician job searchers!

When last did you spend any significant money on something without first doing some research on-line?

Can’t remember?

Well, guess what … that is also true for anything that YOU, as a physician, want to “sell”. Be they your services working in another medical practice or a non-clinical physician executive position, or as an entrepreneurial physician with a service or product for your target market!

Have a terrific resume? Did a top-notch interview? Got an outstanding website with all the bells and whistles? And yet you’re unable to close the “sale” — land that job, get that new client, close the deal.

You may be puzzled and even angry, but this may be the time to do a Google search for yourself using your name. And even to invest in a background check. Because undoubtedly that is what others might be doing to you .. and formulating their opinion accordingly.

The advent of social media platforms has been both a boom and a bane for physicians building businesses, medical practices or careers.

If you haven’t set your Facebook profile privacy settings correctly, those goofy pictures of you downing a huge tankard of beer or your unseemly comments about your workplace colleagues could come back to haunt you. Even your Twitter stream is now searchable in Google!

My personal philosophy with anything you put out on the web is that it should be stuff that you’d have no problem being published on the front page of the New York Times. That means no swear words, no inane or insensitive comments, and no dumb, compromising photos!

So how can you use social media to your advantage?

Well, considering that Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and now Google+ are some of the most trafficked websites in the world, anything that you write about yourself on those pages is likely to rank even higher than your own painstakingly-crafted personal bio on your website.

By developing a well thought-out social media marketing strategy, you can successfully woo the search engines AND your prospective clients or executive recruiters, leaving them with the impression of a physician, potential physician executive, or physician entrepreneur who is professional, personable and proud to be found on the Web!