Parenting Reflections

juice box days

juice box days

Today just as I grew annoyed picking up the endless pile of juice boxes that seem to multiply in my car’s depths, it dawned on me.  No more sippy cups.  I have long ago out-grown the days of sippy cups.

I hated them.  Why could I never find the correct sippy cup valve anyway?  And, how many long lost sippy cups did I find over the years with a potently smelling mixture inside?  No matter how much I scrubbed those cups I could not get out the smell.    I am glad to be done with them.  But where did sippy cup days go?

And, as I reflected further — I realized more items have quietly slipped away.  The days of diapers are long gone.  I celebrated as each child left them behind.   Especially swim diapers.  And, the days of car seats are gone. Now one lone booster sits in the back seat.  And, my youngest just asked today about getting rid of it.

As I leaned down to fish out an ever elusive juice-box straw wrapper, it dawned on me.  The age of juice boxes also is passing.  Then the magna-tiles will go.  Then the legos.  And the mad-libs. And maybe even construction paper.

Nope.  This post has nothing to do with medicine.  Blame the upcoming end of summer which has always made me nostalgic.  But today, I just offer a reminder that the days of mothering kids are short.

Good luck with the mothering juggle.  Enjoy your juice boxes.