Physician Mom Reflections

Just right?

First shift in the ED today – wasn’t that busy, and overall enjoyable.  Nice to forget about all those pesky chronic medical problems for a while and focus on acute issues.  No fireworks injuries, but I left at 6 so probably before all that.  This is a nice month, 8 days off!!!  Including a 3 day weekend.  And this, after just having had an entire week off.  I’m doing some moonlighting this month, which should be fun too.  I think I could get used to this R2 business 🙂

We’ve been looking at house porn again (not my phrase to coin, stolen from a co-intern).  Although I love our house and it’s huge backyard, 3 bedrooms + 1 bathroom + 5 people including 1 teenager = cozy quarters.  Not that I mind literally being on top of each other if we all want to watch TV at the same time, but I think the men in my life (including said teenager) could use some s-p-a-c-e, probably in more ways than one.  Now is the time to buy, it seems, except for those of us in residency.  2 more years.  Just 2 more years.  Lots of people have a lot less than 900 square feet…

I’ve also been looking at the calendar as I plan for the final addition (I promise, honey).   I want one more, I say.  To which my husband answers that he wants one less – we’re in negotiations.   I originally planned to hit the end of residency to be able to take a few months off and then start work.  Now I’ve heard that doing so may make it less easy to get a job because some places will hire new grads in June/July and may not need someone in Sept/Oct.  This makes me want to have baby be 6-ish months at the end of residency.  We’ll see – husband may get his way (don’t tell him!). 

I’m trying to get husband out into the world and take a class or ?something for himself, but he can’t get far enough past my unwieldy schedule to even consider it.  He’s heard me say my schedule will be better this year so many times by now that I think he’s finally starting to believe it, so maybe we’ll get him into something.  What an amazing job he’s done supporting all of us through intern year, he definately deserves a little time for himself.  I can’t imagine what I’ve asked of him throughout all of this – I think the unsung heros of medicine are really the families we leave at home.  Q3 call is just that for them, too.

Well, 4th of July was a big hit – the nearly 4 year old got to hold Sparklers all by herself this year, and the baby didn’t cry 🙂  Teenage boy was in heaven and I was home to soak it all in.  Yes!