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What Do Kids Think of Their Moms as Doctors?

What Do Kids Think of Their Moms as Doctors?

“Hi. I am 11. My Mom is an Internist. Mom asked me to write to you because you were worried about how it will affect your kids to have their mom being a doctor.

Bad Things about Mom Being A Doctor:

– I can’t fake being sick.
– The old saying that “An apple a day keeps the doctor away” never works.
– Mom can always tell if my hands aren’t clean. I have had to learn how to wait when mom was on the phone talking to a patient.
– Patients are always telling me :”Oh, you’re so cute.”

Good Things about Mom Being A Doctor:

– When I am sick (for real) Mom always knows what I need and where to get it plus what to do.
– I love the toys from the drug reps.
– I used to love going to the hospital with Mom when she made rounds because it was interesting to look at all the hospital stuff and I used to like to sit at the desk and color.
– I can go hang out at Mom’s office whenever I want to. I can earn money there too. I used to have a side-business giving backrubs to my Mom’s patients for a quarter, and they always gave me tips too.
– I am very proud of my Mom.”

Stephanie is the daughter of MomMD member.

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