Health/Exercise/Diet Reflections

Listen up, kids

My best advice to anyone younger than I am?  Do not under any circumstance allow yourself to get out of shape.  Continue to invest time and effort in yourself – some day you will be very glad you did.  Say, for example, when your co-residents convince you to play indoor soccer.

I did play soccer once upon a time, from age 4 with Dad coaching up to playing (briefly) in undergrad on a NCAA team.  When I quit the college team (a story for another time), I hung up my cleats “for a while”.  17 (that’s seven more than ten) years later, I found myself on in indoor field tonight 40+ pounds overweight.  My head knew exactly what to do, but my body was woefully inept and unable to comply with direct orders.  We’re playing co-ed, with a mandatory of 3 girls on the field at all times.  Several of our girls didn’t make it tonight, meaning we convinced my unprepared sister (thanks, sis) to play as our third.  No subs for the girls.  No throw ins, time outs, corner kicks, off sides, or chances for a breather.

I almost threw up about 90 seconds in and things did not improve.  I did make a few plays but overall was really sad that I had missed out on so much.  I have a renewed motivation to keep moving and get some of this weight off – by the end of the 8 week season I’d like to be able to play for 20 minutes without getting 2 out of the 3 cardinal symptoms of acute coronary syndrome.

I didn’t realize how much I’d missed soccer.  What a great time!