LPN Salary

LPN Salary

A Licensed Practical Nurse performs a very important duty for both the patients and the physicians. LPN salary is directly tied to this responsibilities of this job

Before discussing salaries, one should understand the basic job description of the Licensed Practical Nurse position. An LPN works directly with the patient and generally answers to either the registered nurse of the facility or to the physician. An LPN usually works directly with the patient, performing such procedures as checking vitals and checking IV levels. In addition, the nurse will help to care for the patient by treating minor issues like bed sores and helping with bathing needs.

While in most states, the job title is Licensed Practical Nurse, it is important to know that in Texas and California, the job is actually called Licensed Vocational Nurse (LVN jobs). However, the duties and education requirements are much the same. Certified nursing assistant positions (CNA jobs) are somewhat different, with different licensing and education requirements.

LPN Salary can vary depending upon certain factors

Just as with any other job in the medical field, there are certain factors, which can affect the LPN Salary. These factors mainly have to do with the hiring medical facility. If the facility is large and is located in a metropolitan area, the professional can expect a higher salary. However, smaller facilities and those located in rural areas will offer lower salaries.

The average salary for a Licensed Practical Nurse in the United States is approximately $36,000. However, this number can vary based upon the above reasons as well as the person’s own work experience.

Research LPN salary before beginning the job search

It is a very good idea to research the average salaries for a Licensed Practical Nurse in the area where the person would like to work. This research should be done before applying for any job. The reason for this is quite simple: if you know what pay range should be offered, you can avoid jobs that are not paying a competitive rate.

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