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Time and the MCAT

Time and the MCAT

One of the reasons the MCAT is so difficult is the time constraint.

In fact, your time is a crucial factor in determining whether you score high enough to get into the school of your choice. The reason? With ample time, many of your exam questions can be answered correctly. It is the ability to manage this time that is so crucial.

Practice with a Timer

On test day, you should be ready to answer questions quickly and know how to manage your test time efficiently. In order to do this without being rushed or nervous, take practice tests and TIME YOURSELF with your own testing timer. This way you will be used to the pressures of test day and have an advantage over those who didn’t practice under timed conditions.

Get your Timer Here

The Silent Timer is a special testing timer we recommend for your MCAT. It has cool features to help you manage your test time. The timer counts down your total time AND the time you have to spend on each question. The Silent Testing Timer – get yours today!

With this timer, you always know how much time you can spend on each question. No more guessing, palm sweating, or mental calculations.