Doctor comes up with great education plan for her daughter

Doctor comes up with great education plan for her daughter

Sarah Maulden was desperate to find a way to help out her little girl who was having a tremendous amount of anxiety going to school everyday. Sarah’s daughter didn’t feel like she fit in and there were kids there making it even harder for her to want to be there.

Sarah and her husband are both doctors from Utah. They began searching for another school, but the thought of a private school also caused anxiety for their daughter. Sarah took a leap of faith and signed up for an online school you can do from home. “With the online classes all the material is laid out in a course-by-course breakdown. You can do it at any time and pace at what works for you. You can even go ahead and do the next grade or more elective work. Online school also offers more freedom and flexibility. We can take vacations whenever we want and take field trips or pick our days off,” said Sarah.

The biggest problem for Sarah, however, was she works part-time but not part-time enough to be her daughter’s coach through the schooling experience. She needed someone to fill the shoes of coaching her daughter everyday through the schoolwork.

Sarah settled on using an Au Pair, or a live in childcare provider from another country. She noted Au Pairs were less expensive than putting her daughter in a private school, and she could keep her home and working at her own pace, so it was a win all around.

The family looked for an Au Pair who spoke English and had some college because they wanted her not only to watch their girl during the day but coach her in online classes. They found an Au Pair from South Africa who had graduated from law school.

“When we give our Au Pair instructions she learns them and learns it well. She is organized and punctual and all that stuff. We are really fortunate to have her, she has helped our family’s so much. The stress has been lifted off all of us by her being here,” said Sarah.

Sarah’s Au Pair has also done wonders for her little girl. She has spent the last year with Sarah’s daughter hitting the books and passing the courses to keep her up in school. And now, a year into the online classes, Sarah’s daughter has already started asking to go back to taking some classes at the public school.

The Au Pair has been very instrumental in helping Sarah’s daughter get over her anxiety. Their South African Au Pair also gives Sarah the flexibility she needs to work part-time. The Au Pair is in her second year with Sarah’s family and while online school and an Au pair were an atypical solution, the results have been wonderful.

“Out of necessity we took a gamble. We had never done online school, but we jumped in and the au pair jumped in. We didn’t know how it would work out. We are really blessed to have an Au Pair who worked perfect with our family. She is very trustworthy and never lets us down,” said Sarah.