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Childrens’ Thoughts about Having a Medical Mom

Childrens’ Thoughts about Having a Medical Mom

For those extra special medical moms here are some positive messages, children tell us the best thing about having a mommy in medicine.

“Mommy fixes people” – Dante, age 5 3/4

“When I fall off my bike, Mom knows exactly how to take care of me.

When people ask me what my mom does for a living, I’m so proud to tell them that she’s going to be a doctor.

I know names of bones and muscles that most adults don’t even know.

Most moms just tell their daughters that they can be anything when they grow up, my mom is proving it! ” AJG, age 7, first grade

“The best thing about my mommy becoming a doctor is, she can fix all of my boo-boos.” Amber, age 6.

“Stetassscopess” Jennifer, age 3

“When I am sick (for real) Mom always knows what I need and where to get it plus what to do.

I love the toys from the drug reps.

I used to love going to the hospital with Mom when she made rounds because it was interesting to look at all the hospital stuff and I used to like to sit at the desk and color.

I can go hang out at Mom’s office whenever I want to. I can earn money there too. I used to have a side-business giving backrubs to my Mom’s patients for a quarter, and they always gave me tips too.

I am very proud of my Mom.” Stephanie, aged 11

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