Medical Student

Medical Student Bios and Stories

Medical Student Bios and Stories

Medical student bios and stories

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You can meet some of these women in our discussion groups. Join MomMD and submit your bio, or introduce yourself via one of our discussion groups. Read more bios and stories.

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29 Year Old Medical Student
“It’s so hard to contemplate motherhood while balancing my career. It will be helpful to have the support and advice of others. Many support groups have a focus only on people who are already mothers. I hope this group will have some ideas for those of us just thinking about it. I also hope that there will be a voice for fathers/those contemplating fatherhood somewhere in this group.” NR, 29

How to Make it Work
“I do not have children yet, however I am trying to figure out how to “make it all work”. I will be graduating medical school and getting married this spring. I hope to have children in the not to far future and welcome any suggestions on how to balance it all.” SC, 26

MSII, Thinking Of Quittiing
“Having already completed a PhD, the decision to go to med school was not an easy one to make. Could I take the long hours of studying? Could I ignore those who tell me that at 27 I should already have my career established? Where will family fit in? I just got married 2 months ago and am dealing with the conflicting feelings about which comes first…med school? Starting a family? My husband is a general surgery resident. That will mean long hours for him. Can I bring children into the world knowing that they may be deprived of Dad and Mom? Having just started my second year of med school, I am seriously thinking about quitting and focusing on family. Thank you for setting up this site. I look forward to learning from women who are feeling or have felt like I have.” JM, 27

Third Year Medical Student wants Kids
“I’m a third year med student, about-to-be married and planning children in the next few years. In the next nine months or so, I actually have to decide on a specialty and would love to hear how people in different fields find the combination of motherhood and doctor hood as I make this really, really big important decision.” HK, 26 “I am engaged to be married after my first year of medical school. My fiancé is completely supportive of my career goals, but before I even considered medicine, I knew I wanted to become a mother – I don’t want to be a “deadbeat mom” who’s on call at the hospital every night. I’m really interested in surgery – it fascinates me, and I know that I would be really good at the job – but I don’t want to neglect my future children and husband.” KC, 20

Overwhelmed Medical Student, Mom of Three
“I would like to know how other mothers are coping with medical school. I am feeling very overwhelmed and pulled into too many directions.” YK, 34 , mother of 3

Fourth Year Medical Student with 5 month Old Baby
“I’m a 4th year med student with a 5 month old baby. I took an indirect road to med school like many of you. From the time I was 8 or 9, I dreamed of becoming a doctor. Throughout high school I was repeatedly discouraged by doctor-friends of the family who warned me about the inevitable changes in medicine. During all of this time, I held on to my dream but got a little scared by what I was hearing. I attended … as an undergraduate and majored in chemical engineering (just in case I didn’t want to go to med school). I became involved in undergraduate research in biomedical engineering and convinced myself that I could help others by going into research instead of medical school. I started a PhD program Halfway into it, I began to think that the PhD thing was a mistake. I wasn’t happy and kept wondering “what if I had gone to medical school”. These thoughts haunted me until I finally made the decision to go to medical school after finishing my PhD. I remember the day when I finally committed myself to medical school. I was so incredibly excited. Every time I thought about med school or becoming a doctor and helping others I became so excited and determined! This was all I wanted to do. So I finished up my PhD thesis and headed off to med school.” KM

Am I am Oddity?
“I sometimes think that I am an oddity. I am the only female in my class with a child to go into the regular four year med program (One woman went alternative path, which means you do your first year in two years…she has a 2 yr old.) Anyway, I definitely think that the men with kids outnumber us ladies, at least in school…Don’t know that it will hold true later. I hope not. I am 29. I went the PhD route first straight out of school. Decided that I was much better suited for clinics (NOW that’s a long story!). Anyway, I really enjoyed my first year. Don’t get me wrong, it was hard, but great fun (I can say that now that anatomy is OVER!!!). I have the greatest supportive husband. He loves being a dad, and that takes away a lot of guilt. When he is with her, I felt better about not being there. Also, had a good daycare!” TT, 29

MSIV with Three Year old and 3 month Old
“I am a fourth year at … with a 3 year old and a 3 month old. I found out that I was pregnant a few weeks before I began my first year of medical school. I was in a complete panic thinking that this would never work for me, but things have worked out surprisingly well. I took advantage of the five year program to give me a little more time when my first son was born in April of my first year. (the weekend before block exams!) This allowed me to have the time that I needed when he was an infant. During this first year, when I was pregnant and then with a newborn – I learned the value of “slow and steady wins the race.” PK, mother of 2

Fourth Year Student with Two Month old boy
“I am a 4th year medical student. I now have a 2 month old little boy. The Deans office at ….was fantastic about accommodating my pregnancy and uncertainty for the future. However, my psychiatry preceptor who evaluated me told me that he felt that I had to pee too much and that my needing to eat lunch interfered with my being part of the ‘team’. I was 34 – 38 weeks pregnant at the time. I did a fantastic job and deserved a much better mark than I received. I don’t feel that my pregnancy interfered in any way with my work. I’ve not approached the Dean of Equity, but have told the psychiatry department about this. I’ve asked to have my mark reevaluated. We’ll see what comes of that. This was my first experience with discrimination based on pregnancy. Other departments were fantastically understanding. The department of medicine for example gave me time off of call to sleep at home whenever it wasn’t too busy – I had a fair amount of morning sickness and really appreciated the privacy of home. They gave me lots of interesting patients which challenged me intellectually, and tried to let me see patients earlier in the evening rather than later. My partner who was a new father, took time to sleep earlier in the evening to help cover for me later. There was nothing I wanted more than to feel like I was a full partner in patient care. I wanted as much of a workload as I could handle and a bit of flexibility to take a nap and finish my work later, or start earlier if need be. All the departments other than psychiatry were very supportive.” SD, mother of one

32 Year old First Year Student, Mom of 3 year old and expecting
“I am a 32 yr old first year student, mom of a 3 yr old and expecting my second child next month. Even though I knew the majority of my classmates would be very young, I was unprepared for the immaturity of many of them. And even though they have so much less responsibility in their lives and more time to study I wouldn’t trade places for anything in the world. My life is much more complete and balanced, even if it is more difficult. I feel very lucky to be where I am in my life and a medical student at the same time.” K, 32, mother of one