AMCAS – American Medical College Application Service

AMCAS – American Medical College Application Service

In order to simplify the process of applying to medical school, the Association of American Medical Colleges has created the American Medical College Application Service. This non-profit program has created a standardized application for medical school, which can be used to apply for entry into most of the medical schools in the United States. In other words, AMCAS makes it possible for prospective medical students to vastly decrease the paperwork associated with applying to medical school.

It should be noted that AMCAS is strictly concerned with the preparation and processing of applications, and neither makes any decisions regarding admission nor provides advice to candidates. Individual schools participating in AMCAS will still set their own application deadlines, and students are responsible for having their application materials sent to AMCAS before any pertinent dates. Indeed, AMCAS recommends that materials be submitted as early as possible to avoid any complications. Although AMCAS typically sends email confirmation of received materials, candidates are ultimately responsible for confirming that AMCAS has received all parts of their application.

Processing of an application typically takes between four and six weeks, although during busy times of the year it may take a bit longer. During the verification process, AMCAS confirms that the course work information contained in each application is consistent with official transcripts. AMCAS charges a base fee of $160 for an application that is to be sent to one medical school; for each additional school, AMCAS charges an additional $30. Individuals who wish to cancel an application are only eligible for a refund if their application has not entered the verification process. Those candidates who miss their deadlines will not be eligible for refunds.

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