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MomMD Spotlight: Dr. Heidi George Moawad, MD Guides Physicians Looking to Pursue a Non-clinical Medical Career Path

MomMD Spotlight: Dr. Heidi George Moawad, MD Guides Physicians Looking to Pursue a Non-clinical Medical Career Path

Dr. Heidi Moawad guides doctors in their search for rewarding ways to apply their medical knowledge outside of clinical practice.

In an effort to address this very underserved topic, her book, Careers Beyond Clinical Medicine, tackles both the psychological and practical hurdles physician face when considering a nonclinical professional transition and presents an array of options and strategies for success.

Dr. Moawad’s professional path has taken her from clinical neurology, to utilization review for a leading healthcare management company, to teaching human anatomy and physiology to undergraduate students. Her own professional transitions were borne out of sheer curiosity and interest, but her knowlege of nonclinical career pathways extends far beyond her personal experience and is a result of extensive study and peer interviews.

As physician after physician came to her looking for hushed advice on nonclinical options and on how to make the transition, she became acutely aware of the scarcity of information and support for doctors considering nonclinical careers. She also recognized the varied reasons each doctor cited for their desired change and that there was no single solution that would guide them all to a successful future outside of clinical medicine. With these puzzles set out for her, Dr. Moawad began interviewing both physicians who had successfully transitioned their careers and recruiters seeking physicians for nonclinical paths. Through her book, Careers Beyond Clinical Medicine, she brings all of this compiled expertise (psychological, practical and tactical) to her readers.

The content-rich book is broken down into three sections, covering first the difficult decision of leaving clinical medicine and considering your options. The second section presents the facts about a multitude of available opportunities, including their statistics on demand for the field, salary, work hours, expectations and work environment. Finally, she offers specific advice on actuating the transition and future success.

All along the way, current adjunt professor Dr. Moawad assures that “you will always be a doctor – and that is a great thing.”

Her book is available on Amazon:

Careers Beyond Clinical Medicine

Heidi Moawad, MD, was trained at the University of Chicago and has worked as a Neurologist in Chicago and in the Department of Neurology at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio. She is active in the American Academy of Neurology in the areas of medical economics, payment policy, and patient and physician advocacy. She has also worked in the insurance industry as a physician consultant for seven years. She currently teaches undergraduate courses at John Carroll University in Cleveland, Ohio and volunteers as a Neurologist at North Coast Health ministry in Cleveland, Ohio.