Cancer Education Rants and Raves

Mothers with Cancer Help Page

Today Susan Niebur died from inflammatory breast cancer.  An astrophysicist and mother of a 4 and 6 year old, Niebur posted a link to  Mothers with Cancer Help Page in a final post on her blog “Toddler Planet.” Blogs offer such an oddly intimate, novel way for those in medical fields to peek into what the  experience  of illness really is.   We see such a limited piece in  clinics and on hospital floors.  Here, in a final post, Niebur shows how to rise above terminal illness — as her blog evidences she did right along.  She helped others even as her own situation was dire.

Just a couple of weeks ago Niebur improved her resource information for mothers with cancer, as she describes:

I’ve updated a resource page at Mothers With Cancer accordingly — check there if you’re helping a cancer patient and looking for resources for cleaning, cooking, hats and scarves, lymphedema sleeves, wigs, makeup, and how to organize to help a friend with cancer…

I hope her loved ones find comfort knowing that so many others find use and comfort in her words,  words that were spread so widely.  Please continue to spread them widely — pass the links along.