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Press Releases

Mar 08 2016 – MomMD Celebrates International Women’s Day with New Website
Sep 17 2007 – American Medical Women’s Association and Announce Online Partnership to Help Women in Medicine Meet the Challenges of Balancing Career and Children
March 7 2007 – Women Physicians Seek Flexible Careers and Work-Life Balance – Job Board Lists Flexible and Part-Time Physician Jobs
Sep 5 2006 – Recruiting and Retaining the Woman Physician – Career Site Targets Growing Number of Women Doctors Seeking Employment
Sep 5, 2006 – Seeking Work-Life Balance? Job Board Lists Full-Time, Part-Time & Flexible Careers for Women Physicians
June 30, 2006 – Direct Selling to Women Physicians – A Checklist of Do’s and Don’ts
Sep 16, 2005 – The Best of Both Worlds – Growing Number of Women Physicians Seeking Part-Time Positions
July 29, 2005 – Survey Finds Majority of Women Physicians Satisfied with Career, Although 90% Concerned About Balancing Family Responsibilities
May 24, 2004 – Why Would a Doctor Hire a Publicist? Not Just to Appear on Reality TV, says Sethina Edwards, Public Relations Expert
Sep 24, 2003 – Celebrates Moms in Medicine – Daring, Diverse & Dedicated.
July 25, 2003 – Launches Physician Job Board Service
May 12, 2003 – Reaches 70,000 Women Physicians and Medical Students Each Month
June 13, 2002 – Women Physicians Seek Improved Career and Family Balance
November 14, 2000 – Announces Partnership with MomMD, LLC
October 26, 2000 – Launches Job Share Network for Women Physicians
April 25, 2000 – Helps Women Balance a Medical Career and Motherhood



MomMD recent media and press coverage includes:

Profile: MomMD Founder. The Lancet Student, Sep 2007
Breast-feeding Mom’s War Over Pumping: Medical Board Refuses Request for Extra Break Time During Test to Pump Milk. ABC News, June 29, 2007
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Contextual Advertising: A New Peak in Search Engine Marketing? – Ballyhoo Magazine Q2 (May) 2004
As more women enter medicine, cultures will change. – Managed Healthcare Executive, Feb 1, 2004
Becoming Doctor Mom – Ivanhoe Broadcast News, January 2004
On Point: New Services Promise to Deliver Ads to Web Sites that Are a Lot More Relevant – and a Lot More Lucrative. E-Commerce, Wall St Journal, Oct 20th, 2003
White-Collared Men: An Endangered Species? –, Jan 8th, 2003
Journal of Gender Specific Medicine Balancing Acts: Support for Workers to Provide Family Care, May/June 2002, Volume 5/Number 3
Women In Medicine, Newsletter of Medical College of Virginia Campus of Virginia Commonwealth University, Volume 9/No. 1 Fall/Winter 2000-2001
WEB SITING. Dallas Morning News, April 21, 2001
New Statesman magazine, Generation-E – How the Net Can Make a Difference, July 10th 2000
Healthcare Business magazine, Juggling a Medical Career and Motherhood, July 2000
Web Site Helps Mothers Do It All, Superior Consultant News article on WebMD, May 2000
Women In Medicine magazine, January/February 2000 – MomMD Internet Marketing Profile