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Notable Symptoms of Breast Cancer

Notable Symptoms of Breast Cancer

Cancer is among the deadly diseases in the world. Doctors are working day and night trying to establish the treatment for this disease. Breast cancer is most common among females, but there are some men who are also victims of the same. There reason why the disease is becoming difficult is because of late detection and treatment. Most people are ignorant of the signs and warnings of breast cancer. They, therefore assume until they become chronic and hard to deal with. To be on the safe side, detect breast cancer with these signs;

1. Appearance of a lump

The presence of a lump on the breast is one of the major breast cancer signs. Appearance of lumps on the breast is normal, but when it does not disappear sooner, you need to see a doctor for cancer screening. This lump grows bigger and makes you feel it is more attached to the body. The major problem with a lump is that it is not painful and therefore, can be easily assumed. The lump may appear as a harder skin surface and may irregular in shape. This may happen due to hormonal changes or as a sign of cancer. It can be seen using a machine known as mammogram before it is externally felt. Sometimes, the lump may also appear under the armpit.

2. Change in the physical appearance of the breast

Cancers rarely attack both breasts at once. Therefore, the affected breast may tend to grow bigger than the other. It may be due to inflammation as a result of chemical reactions on the breast. The shape of the breast may also be altered.

3. Alteration of the skin appearance

The skin surrounding the breast may become thicker. It may be characterized by swelling and reddening. A feeling of itchiness resulting to inflammation and appearance of skin rashes may also be experienced. However, itchiness can be relieved using some skin ointments and other medicinal treatments.

4. Changes in nipple appearance and behavior

Our breasts may be different in physical appearance, but change description is still the same. The nipple of a normal breast is normally pointed. If it reaches a point where the nipple curves inwards, then you have the obligation to see a cancer therapist for screening. More often, there may be an unexpected nipple discharge. Nipple discharge can be caused by many things hence may not necessarily be a sign of breast cancer. However, when the nipple discharge occurs involuntarily without pressing the breast and is characterized by blood stains, the probability of cancer is very high. The nipple may also crust resulting to appearances of scales like substances on the surface of the nipple.

5. Pain at one part

You may assume all the other signs of breast cancer, but when it comes to pain, an action has to be taken. A feeling of pain at one spot of your breast can be almost a sure sign of breast cancer. Seeking medical attention at this point is very necessary.

6. Weak bones

You may sometimes experience bone and joint pain which makes you feel unable to support your body fully.

7. Later signs

Below are the signs that appear later when the disease has advanced to another chronic level;

  • Feeling nausea every time: Nausea is the major factor that limits the cancer victim from eating.
  • Decrease in general body weight: this is mainly triggered by loss of appetite.
  • Inability to breathe properly: Breathlessness makes a victim feel exhausted after working out for a short time.
  • Weakening of the muscles
  • Lack of the will to eat even the previously enjoyed meals (loss of appetite)


When you experience the above signs, it is not enough for to just jump into conclusion that you have cancer. There are other triggers of the signs that you need to first clear with. This, however, does not mean that you should ignore them. Immediately you witness any of the above signs, your next destination should be to a hospital for cancer screening. Earlier treatment is what will save you the later suffering. A summary of the main signs include appearance of lumps, inward shrinking of the nipple, nipple discharge, reddening of the breast skin and noticeable increase in size of one breast.


As mentioned earlier, cancer is not anyone’s cup of tea. It causes a lot of suffering to an individual especially when it is not treated earlier. The best way to overcome cancer is by first knowing its signs and treating it earlier. The above elaborated are the most common signs of cancer that you need to take them seriously the moment you witness.  When any disease is treated earlier, the patient has higher chances of survival than when treated at chronic stage. It is our responsibility to identify the signs and seek medical attention earlier.