Nurse Practitioner Jobs

Nurse Practitioner Jobs

General Information Pertaining to a Nurse Practitioner Job

As an actual primary care giver, the Nurse Practitioner has the ability to care for a patient in much the same way that a physician would. When someone chooses a Nurse Practitioner job for their career, they will need to know the basic information about requirements, responsibilities, and salary.

What is a Nurse Practitioner Job?

Nurse practitioners are a rapidly growing group of primary care providers. Functioning like a primary care physician in many ways, including diagnosing disease and prescribing therapy, nurse practitiioners may be the main PCPs of the future. Given that a major goal of the health care reform bill is to bring tens of millions more people into the medical system, the demand for primary care providers is set to burgeon. A shortage of primary care physicians, however, has called into question whether the medical system will be able to handle this influx of patients.

As a result, many states are looking to expand the role and priveledges of nurse practitioners. There are plenty of nurse practitioner jobs available to people seeking them.

What education is required to become a nurse practitioner?

Due to the greater deal of responsibility, a nurse practitioner is required to obtain more education than a Registered Nurse or a Licensed Practical Nurse. In order to obtain a career as a practitioner, the person will need to seek a Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing. They will also need to pursue practitioner certification.

Some medical facilities require that their practitioners have furthered their education with a Master’s degree in Nursing Sciences.

What is the salary range for nurse practitioner jobs?

As with many different medical related jobs, the salary that a nurse practitioner can expect to make will vary depending upon such outside factors as the location of the medical facility that hires the professional as well as the size of the facility. Additionally, the education level that the nurse practitioner has obtained will affect the salary that they are offered. Unlike RNs, nurse practitioners can often open their own practice (depending on state requirements), at which point compensation will also depend on your business acumen.

In general, a nurse practitioner in the United States can expect to be paid an annual salary in the range of $70,000 to $100,000.

How should a person search for a nurse practitioner job?

In order to choose from the many available jobs, a person should make use of two resources. A person can search for jobs via online medical job search engines that will break the careers down based on location. The MomMD job board lists many nurse practitioner positions, both temporary and permanent. Another option is to seek the services of a recruiter or a nurse staffing company.

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