Nursing Salaries

Nursing Salaries

When a person chooses to follow a career in the world of nursing, they will most likely have a number of questions pertaining to education requirements and job responsibilities. A very important thing to consider is the average nursing salaries that a person should be prepared for when looking for a job.

Nursing level and specialty will greatly impact your salary

There is no way to give a blanket amount for how much a nurse will make when they begin working. The main reason for this is that each type of nursing job will offer a different salary level.

CNA salaries range from $20,000 to $30,000 a year, with commensurate responsibilities and duties.

LVN and LPN salaries are about 45% higher, averaging around $36,000. The Licensed Practical Nurse works under an RN to care for the patient. The LPN will be responsible for basic care by providing patient baths and wound care.

Because of the broader responsibilities of a registered nurse, RN salaries can be substantially higher. The registered nurse has the ability to administer medication, do patient diagnostics, and manage a staff of Licensed Practical Nurses. A Registered Nurse, also called an RN, will work directly for the physician as a connector between the patient and the doctor. There are separate sub specialties for the RN, which will allow for a different pay grade. These specialties include such areas as Obstetrics, surgery, or pediatrics, however, there are many more RN jobs from which to choose.

There are other factors, which can affect how much a nurse makes. These factors include the geography of the job, since some areas of the country pay higher than others. Additionally, the type of medical facility and its size will affect how much nurses are paid.

Nursing salary information is important in helping you find the right job

When a person is ready to search for nursing positions, one of the first things they should do is research the average salaries for the position and the area. By knowing this information, you have a much better chance at finding a job that pays a competitive rate.

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