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nutrition services

I miss nutrition services.  Which is to say I miss the daily voice AND emails from nutrition services.  And I quote:

“This is a message from nutrition services.  A child in your household by the name of teenage boy has a negative school lunch balance in the amount of two dollars and thirty five cents.  blah blah blah idle threats here”

After nearly three months of voice mails and emails, teenage boy has *finally* remembered to turn in the checks we gave him.  I wanted to write a check for two dollars and thirty four cents, but Honey wouldn’t let me.

Someday, it’ll be Sallie Mae calling.  And it won’t be for two dollars and thirty five cents…  I have visions nightmares about their message.  It sounds something like this:

“This is a message from your worst nightmare.  Someone in your household by the name of Dr. Jonesie has a negative student loan balance of $500,000.  That’s right, all of those student loans you used to pay buy food and pay rent are now coming due.  No, you have no more forbearance.  No, we don’t care that you are going into primary care.  Yes, we expect you to start paying this month.   Don’t worry, you’re a rich doctor now – you won’t even miss the $3,000 a month of interest only payments.”

On the other hand, when I start paying loans off it means I’m done with residency and have a real job.  🙂