Obstetrics Jobs

Obstetrics Jobs

Whether as stand-alone ob-gyn, or family practice with ob, there are many obstetrics jobs open across the country. However the special concerns of obstetricians make finding the right situation more challenging than other physician employment options.

Obstetrics call schedule

The solo-practitioner Ob-Gyn has nearly gone the way of the Dodo bird, so identifying the right group of partners is crucial. The dynamics have to be right on multiple fronts. First, your partners will have to get along with your patients, that means their philosophy, approach and temperament should be similar to yours. Equally important, you have to respect each other enough to set up an equitable call schedule. Nothing ruins an obstetrics partnership like an imbalanced call schedule.

Malpractice concerns

The insanity of ob-gyn malpractice sets a high bar not only for quality of care but also for compensation packages. Indirect compensation for all obstetrics jobs should ideally include malpractice insurance coverage. This means both current insurance and tail coverage that lasts through the 18 years of the liability window.

Obstetrics and Gynecology Salary

Direct compensation includes salary and other immediate benefits. Obstetrics salaries vary by region and subspecialty, with MFM and gyn-onc drawing higher salary levels than general ob-gyn. A listing of physician salaries by medical specialty can be used for comparison.

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