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On the Hunt: Mattresses And Back Pains

Enduring back pain throughout the day is commonplace among American adults. Experiencing discomfort throughout the night and waking up in the morning with back pain is widely considered a norm of advanced age. Though there are numerous causes, the low overall quality mattresses have been and continue to be a huge contributing factor to the overall back pain epidemic in America today.

There are several aspects to consider in determining whether or not you need a new mattress, and what will work best for you if you do. Here are some surprising factors you need to consider before making such a major purchase.

Maximum Spinal Support

Lower back pain is the most common, and it can occur anywhere, along the spine, from the neck down to the hips. When the body is lying flat, the back should have full contact and be fully supported. With the body weight evenly distributed to help alleviate stress on the spine.

It will also aid in maintaining proper posture and also secures the spine to stay straight, so the shoulder, neck, lower, middle and upper back stays healthy. If there is a gap between the surface and the body, it just means that the body is not getting any support. It will result in having joint pains the next morning.

Firm vs. Soft

The firmness of the mattress depends on the symptoms that a person is experiencing. If the one currently in use is soft, then they have an option to use a more firm mattress. But if the mattress is too firm, the user can have the choice of changing it to a softer mattress.

Firmness of the mattress can give pressure to the body which is the cause of pain. It is a common symptom of fibromyalgia. There is no concrete answer if the aid to this pain is either a firm one or the soft type of mattress. It still depends on a person’s requirement and back issues. If you have any mattresses purchased online from sites such as Beds Online, it’s best to check with your doctors on what to expect when using a new mattress.

Twists and Turns

For people to achieve a short term relief for any back problems and pain, they can flip and rotate their mattress. Often, it is better for people to either flip their mattress upside down or rotating if from the head to foot. This kind of preventive measure can maintain both support and comfort. Also, the mattress will wear because it will not just sag in a particular corner only.

Saggy mattresses can cause back pains because the body will sink unevenly. It can also cause irritation in the aggravate sciatica and spinal joints. However, keep in mind that some mattresses are not compatible for flipping.


There is no fixed lifespan for mattresses, but experts recommend that users need to replace their mattress at least eight years after purchase. When the user is experiencing some muscle or back pain, maybe that is the right time to buy a new mattress. For people to have a better result and maintain a healthy posture and spine, they need to change their mattress when it gives painful symptoms.

The foundation of a mattress or box spring adds an increase in support to the mattress. Mattress foundation usually consists of a metal or wooden frame with springs. Compared to the frame with springs, a plain wooden frame is harder.

The purchaser can only buy a wood mattress foundation if there are no existing cracks and it is straight. Experts also recommend that people should purchase both foundation and mattress because it aids in preserving the mattress.

Foam mattresses

As a substitute to traditional mattresses, most types of mattresses are made entirely from latex or memory foam. People can purchase them in different densities. For some of the foam mattresses, they have multiple layers of foam stuck together. Some have a foam core in the middle. The firmness of foam mattresses depends on the preference of people. They can choose between foam mattresses and a traditional mattress.


There are a lot of characteristics that people needs to consider to ease their back pains. Among the considerations, their current mattress is on the top list. The current mattress that a person is using might be the cause of their present discomfort. People need to check the qualifications of the mattress before purchasing to avoid any joint pain upon waking up.