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The U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics forecasts a growing need for physicians and surgeons in the ten years between 2008 and 2018. With over 20% growth expected (22% to be exact), the empoyment outlook is excellent (11% average growth for all industries combined). Opportunities for employment will be especially good in urban and low income settings, and for physicians who leverage newer technologies, diagnostics and therapies.

Pediatric care is among the top six specialty areas for nurse practictioners. The employment growth outlook for RNs, including the specialized nurse practitioner, is also excellent (22% overall), as these highly skilled professionals take on greater levels of responsibility in medical care and are in high demand in underserved and urban areas. Although an expected 17% growth in nursing employment by hospitals is nothing to scoff at, hospitals are expected to have the lowest nursing employment growth in the coming decade as compared to other nursing employers. This is in large part because more treatments are being administers outside of the hospital setting. By contrast, employment of RNs by doctors’ offices is projected to increase by a whopping 48%, with home health care services employment increasing 33% and nursing care facilities and nursing employment services both offering around 25% greater employment.

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A number of channels are available for job seekers in the field of pediatrics. These include researching and contacting the hiring facilities directly and working with a recruiter. Another option is right at your fingertips. MomMD’s physician job search tool can quickly and easily find pediatrician jobs as well as other jobs in the pediatrics field.

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We’ve also broken down pediatric job search by subspecialty, including pediatric orthopedic surgery jobs, and a variety of internal medicine subspecialties like pediatric cardiology jobs. These boards can then be further refined by city and state, allowing you, for example, to look specifically for pediatric neurology jobs in San Antonio, TX.