MomMD’s 10 Traits to Watch Out for

MomMD’s 10 Traits to Watch Out for

You give, and then you give some more. You devote your knowledge, compassion, time and energy to your medical profession.

But are you paying enough attention to your own needs? Could your own behavior traits lead you down a path toward physician burnout? If you have started to feel emotionally exhausted, if your day-to-day experiences seem somehow less personal and less meaningful to you, or if you wonder whether all your efforts have been worthwhile, you may already be sliding down that path. Burnout affects energy level, mood, sleep patterns and concentration, and potentially encourages the use of drugs or alcohol. All of these factors can seriously affect your ability to properly treat patients, as well as your dedication to and enthusiasm for your medical career. Educate yourself about physician burnout and take precautions to safeguard your own well-being.

The Texas Medical Association Committee on Physician Health and Rehabilitation has identified 10 factors, which are within your control, that commonly contribute to physician burnout. Read on to see if any apply to you, and keep them in mind so you can monitor your own risk level and do your part in minimizing their effects. Do it for yourself, and do it for your patients.

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