Physician Jobs

Physician Jobs

Due to the continuing growth in healthcare need in the United States, there is an acute and worsening shortage of physicians. As a result, the number of openings for physicians and other healthcare professionals is high despite the overall economic environment.

Temporary or Permanent Physician Jobs? It is an Important Choice

Physician employment can be permanent or locum tenens, meant to fill a temporary need by employing a person daily, weekly, monthly or even hourly for on-call needs.

Alternatively, a person could choose a permanent, full time style position either at their own practice or in a medical facility. This type of job will require more hours and commitment, but will provide a steady income and regular employment.

Average Physician Job Pay Expectations

Obviously, there are a number of factors that will have a direct impact upon the pay scale for a career. Some of these factors include field of specialty, geographic area, and type of employment. It is important to research the average pay for one’s specialty and area before pursuing new employment in order to make sure the job choice is competitive. The results of physician salary survey is available through a variety of sources, and are summarized by medical speciality like radiologist salary, anesthesiologist salary, psychiatry salaries, etc.

Online resources can be an excellent way to locate available physician jobs in one’s career path. In addition, working through a recruiter can be a fruitful effort. Since there is a shortage in available physicians, there are many jobs available, but one should carefully search in order to find the right opportunity.

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