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Physician Success With Teeny Efforts …

Physician Success With Teeny Efforts …

The Term “Grit” Is In The News At Present.

If you didn’t already know this, “Grit” is the term coined by psychologist Angela Duckworth to describe a quality that research has shown to be a key predictor of success in life. In her recently released book of the same title (A), Duckworth elaborates on just how powerful the combination of passion + perseverance is, and how it can be developed intentionally.

What Does This Have To Do With My Post Today?

I’ve been intrigued by this topic for some time, in a somewhat abstract way. As a mom, I want my teenage kid to have grit. As a physician coach and business owner, I like to imagine I’ve shown some grit in my lifetime but have told myself I no longer need to embody as much grit as I’m over the hump. Hah!

Last night, as I was completing my 63rd day in a row of relearning French with the marvelous Duolingo, and pumping the air when I was rewarded with a badge indicating I was 43% fluent, I was hit by the realization that this IS grit in action. I set a goal a few months ago of reviving my high school French by doing at least 10 minutes of Duolingo a day (passion) … and have been able to stick with the challenge with some ease (perseverance).

What Have I Learned That I Can Share With You As You Set Your Goals?

  1. set the goal that is most meaningful to you at present – physician leadership skills enhancement? Physician business success? Physician career change?
  2. break its achievement into the smallest steps possible – map those out using a tool likeTrello or a mindmap
  3. work the steps day after day or week after week
  4. find a way to be held accountable (a buddy, an app) – be sure to get regular feedback (Duolingo sends me encouraging emails, and shows me my streak each day)
  5. keep at it! And keep at it even more.

By the way, as my next step to French fluency, I am now reading “Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone” … 2 pages a day … in French. I should be done with the book in a year!

Au revoir, mes amis.