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Women Physician Biographies

Women Physician Biographies

Women Physician Biographies

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Pediatrician and Mom of 4
“I am a pediatrician and the mother of 4 daughters, ages 8yrs, 6yrs and twins 4yrs. I have been at home with them for the past 6yrs. with no regrets. I do miss my practice and work about 6-8 hrs/month in the evenings. Is there anyone out there with a similar experience?” PG, 42, mother of 4

Interested in Part-Time Work Experiences of Other Physicians
“I am interested in the part time work experiences of other women physicians. I feel that women are often exploited because they need to work part-time for part of their careers. They can make money for others but are excluded for promotion and partnership because they are “part-time”. Young physicians need to know how to negotiate their careers and ask for fair salaries, benefits and career advancement that their training entitles them to and not give up too much just because they need a different schedule.” JS, 37, mother of 2

Went to Medical School at 30
“I was a late bloomer, went to med school at 30 with a wonderful husband and 2 kids.” BN, 43, mother of 2, Family Practice/ Urgent Care

Striking the Balance
“I would like to get suggestions from mothers who are in my profession about striking a good balance between motherhood and a dedicated pediatrician. What are the job options available to work part time and do few calls in a month. I would appreciate the input.” NS, 33, mother of one, pediatrics

Physician Mom also married to a Physician
“I have a 20 month old daughter and I work full time in a group practice at a university. I would not trade my career or my daughter for anything, but the truth is I had no idea how much having a child would affect my life. It has made me learn to prioritize my life. I have to be efficient at work because my daughter, who is at daycare during the week has to be picked up by 6PM. I no longer have the luxury of staying late at the office to get everything done. I have started dropping her off early in the AM and finishing my work in the morning. I want the evening time to be reserved for her. I do still bring work home at night, but to be honest I only do it about 10% of the time. The weekends are devoted to her, and to the household chores like grocery shopping. My husband who is also a physician is no help at all, so if I have to make rounds on the weekends or if I have speaking engagements at night I have to find a baby-sitter. I do find myself resentful the he has the freedom to do his work at a leisurely pace and can come and go when he pleases, and I am expected to make sure everyone is taken care of. We are women and even though it is almost the 21st century we will always be expected to provide most of the care for our children.” AC

Baby Girl During LastYear of Residency
“I was fortunate that I had our little girl during my last year of residency – I’d been “nailed” with all the horrendous rotations early and only had one “bad” month after her birth which was a blessing. My husband was laid off from his job a month after she was born and, despite the huge financial burden, since we were moving 9 months later for my career, he stayed home with her the entire first year, then she went into day care. They have a really close bond and, for that, we are all grateful.” Dr. M