The Physician Recruiter: Making Your Career Transition In A Snap

The Physician Recruiter: Making Your Career Transition In A Snap

The Physician Recruiter: Making Your Career Transition In A Snap

{loadposition hidden-adsense-block-intro}You’re a busy woman; juggling everything from patients and insurance reimbursements to soccer games and family vacations. With a list of to-do’s a mile long, it can be difficult-if not down right impossible-to make time to find a new and better practice opportunity when you’re ready to move on from your current one. Working with a physician recruiter may be your best option.

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“Working with a physician recruiter can help you conserve what often feels like your most precious commodity: time,” says Kelly Marsh, Director of Marketing for Seaboard Health Care Search in Nashville, Tennessee. Marsh also points out another important incentive for working with a physician recruiter. “Search firms generate income by placing physicians at facilities they’ve contracted with. Since these fees are paid by the facility, the work done on the physician’s behalf is free of charge to them.”

Below are three ways in which working with a physician recruiter can make you feel like time is definitely on your side.

1 – Using a physician recruiter to avoid the “Web of Confusion”:

The most common way of searching for a job is through the internet. However, there’s an incredible amount of information-some relevant; much of it not-that takes a lot of time to sort through. Also, many times when you apply for an opening online, you give out personal information, including your email address. Sales companies can purchase lists of email addresses from these sites, then turn around and use your information as a soliciting tool. As a result, you can find yourself inundated with junk e-mail, pop-ups and spam in addition to what can already be an overwhelming amount of valid information. “Since our only job is to find opportunities that meet our physician’s professional and personal needs, we’re able to devote all our time and energy into researching and uncovering positions, then marketing interested physicians to specific clients,” Marsh explains. Your physician recruiter not only does all the preliminary legwork and research, they limit your exposure to only those facilities which they have contracts with. Thus, instead of spending your valuable time fielding numerous phone calls and email solicitations for opportunities that don’t meet your desires, you receive one call from your recruiter who presents a list of opportunities to choose from which fit your criteria. The only time commitment for you will be actual interviews with facilities that meet your approval.

2 – Working with physician recruiters provides maximum exposure and minimum risk:

Placement firms don’t just minimize unwanted exposure; they maximize the right kind of exposure. “Most hospitals don’t advertise physician openings in traditional mediums like newspapers or on their websites. Instead, they often work with recruiting firms to find the right candidates,” Marsh explains. With existing relationships with a variety of clients, physician recruiters have a solid viable network of facilities in which to market you. Additional privacy is afforded by contracts between recruiters and facility clients which prohibit them from sharing your CV with people unless they’re directly involved in the specific opportunity you’re interested in.

3 – The choice is yours

Looking to relocate to an urban or suburban environment? Interested in specific cultural aspects in a community? Need to find great public or private schools for your kids? Tell your recruiter. Good recruiters listen to their physician’s professional and personal needs; then find opportunities to match. Your recruiter knows his or her facilities and their surrounding communities, thus saving you the hassle of researching every opportunity. They’ve spent time and effort reaching out to Chambers of Commerce, realtors, and other civic organizations in the area so you don’t have to.

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