Premedical Student Biographies and Stories (2)

Premedical Student Biographies and Stories (2)

Am I Losing My Mind Wanting To Become a Doctor? Mom of 5
“Hi – I just joined last night; mainly to convince myself that I wasn’t losing my mind for finally wanting to pursue something I used to think was a passing fancy. The pull of medicine has been with me since I was about 23. But due to many things – including having children at a young age – I always dismissed it as an unreachable, impracticable dream. Finding myself in the midst of the enlightened and self-confident late thirties. I am beginning to believe that I just might be able to do this!! I am currently a SAHM to five girls (yes, five!!!) aged 18, 15, 12, 3 and 22 months. I have undergrad degrees in History and Political Science and some grad work in Health Services Management. I worked in ambulatory care management and non profit health related fields until the year prior to my pregnancy with …. In many ways I am terrified of returning to undergrad to complete pre-med requirements. Survey Chem and Biology were easy “A’s” for me; I truly enjoy science. It’s the physics and math that terrify me!!! I sometimes wonder if I don’t have a learning disability when it comes to algebra and calculus! But I have always had a good understanding of medicine and a great memory. I had many physicians and nurse practitioners I worked with ask me why I didn’t go to med school. I even took a practice Family Medicine board with one of the residents and passed, believe it or not – but yet I am terrified and somewhat intimidated that I do not have what it takes to actually get into med school and go through med school. I have a very supportive husband and a real desire to “do this.” TG, mother of five

Single Mom
“I am a single mother of a 3 year old (I’m 23). I am a Junior at University of …. – Bio major pre-med., though I am now seriously considering nursing until my daughter is older. I recently went down to the University …. to meet with an admissions counselor. I work 40 hrs a week in addition to taking 12-18 hrs a semester and raising my daughter. I feel that this should be considered when reviewing my transcript – otherwise I can’t imagine what an interviewer would think of my almost non-existent extra-curricular activities and a work schedule that would be inappropriate for someone just putting themselves through school. But I had heard that medical schools really frown on female students have young children, and particularly if they are the sole support of said children.” MF, 23, mother of one

Mom of Teenagers with 4.0 GPA
“I have wanted to be an MD since I was 16 or 17 years old. My children are now 16 and 19, and along with my husband, are very supportive of my desire to become a doctor. I am now 40 years old, and figure it would take me about 3 semesters to finish the pre-med work. I have a BS in elementary education with a minor in math, and a MS in Diagnostic and Remedial Reading. I am a very strong student. My GPA for my BS was 3.9, and I had a 4.0 for my graduate work, which was done while my children were very young and I was teaching full-time. I believe I have the motivation and drive necessary to complete a medical degree, and know that my life’s experiences would be very beneficial. I would appreciate any advice you could share. I would also love to hear from anyone who was a “non-traditional” student, most notably anyone who went to med school as an older student.” LJ, 40, mother of 2

Divorced R.N. Mom of Two
“I am an R.N. with a B.S. in biology and a minor in chemistry. I own a clinical drug research company and my children are 8 and 10. I am single and I applied for med school during my divorce 5 years ago. It was the wrong time. I am passionate about not giving up my dreams and I believe I can do this. I need constructive support and an occasional cheer to put this dream on full steam ahead. Age does not deter me in any way. I am extremely energetic and I got my BS. with 4 hours of sleep for 2 years and had a baby during that time. I know I can do this. I am looking for advice on where to start to take the MCAT in April of 2000 and so forth.” MB, 39, mother of 2

36 Year Old to Pursue dual MD/JD degree
“I recently divorced after being a housewife. I had given up my career goals for a marriage. I am going to pursue a dual degree MD/JD (at my age) believe it or not! Theirs is absolutely nothing that will stop me or make me lose focus. I am determined and excited. I plan on having my private practice one day.” AS, 36, mother of one

37 Occupational Therapist Mom of Six-Year Old
“I am Bio-pre-med with a six year old, and I am willing to move us wherever I am accepted. Feeling hopeless with the chemistry courses, it lowers my gpa every time I take and or fail one. Any advice and info. would help me” AS, 25, mother of one “I am a mother to two young children, ages 7 and 5. I also work part-time (3 d./wk.) as an occupational therapist. I originally took the MCATs this past April and plan on retaking them April 2000. My organic chemistry professor had a similar comment. She had asked why I was taking her class as a working, 37 year old. I told her my story. I also told her that there are many people who say “you’ll be in medical school and residency for 7 or 8 years. You’ll be 45 when you get out.” My professor’s comment was “You’ll be 45 in 8 years whether or not you go to medical school.” I have found that people often give their thoughts and advice in relation to how they would feel undertaking a similar task.” LF, 37

Physical Therapist, Mom of Two
“I am currently the mom of two: ages 5 and 8. I have worked as a Physical Therapist for 11 years, and will take the MCAT April 2000. I will turn 40 July 2000! I am eager to hear everyone’s story(ies) and thoughts about this large endeavor. I admit that as of late I have been wavering a bit. My husband is fully supportive, as are my children. But, at times I do wonder if it will be worth the price I will pay. I worry about all the missed years with my children and husband, yet at the same time becoming a physician is the one thing that I feel passionate about. I have begun to research non-traditional avenues of being a medical student/resident. They are out there!” TG, 39, mother of two

Stay-at-home Mom, Accepted into School – Terrified!
“I have been accepted to … University for this fall. I have been a stay at home mom for 4 years now and have suddenly become terrified at the thought of entering med school. How can I leave my children for so many hours of the day? What if my husband never finds a job? Am I completely nuts like everyone tells me. I would love to hear how others do it. Do they regret it etc.?” MB, 29 , mother of 2

Girls Don’t Do Science?
“I am completing post baccalaureate premedical courses through extension, I have a BS in Social Policy and Sociology and an MS in International Policy. At school I remember quite clearly being told by a physics teacher that “girls don’t do science”, funny thing is his daughter went on to become a doctor! The real desire to become a doctor came after having my daughter, think it may have had something to do with the epidural (WOW – amazing thing that was!!) and my obstetrician (wonderful man). Seriously though, as I look back over time I realized that there were hints and situations telling me all along that that’s what I should do – now it all seems clear and I am giving it my best shot. I founded MomMD just to see who was out there… and here you all are! SE, 29, mother of two

Wants to Have Kids and Medical Career
“I am not a med student yet. And, also not a mother yet! I am a postbac premed student right now with *several* classes ahead of me. I hope to go fulltime in a year, and get the rest of the premed classes over with in a couple semesters. I hope to attend med school in 2002 or 2003 (if I can get in!). I also desperately want to become a mother — and b/c of my age and situation, I’d like to have the baby before med school. (My husband and I are in negotiations on the exact timing right now 😉 ) Anyway, the hardest part for me is that there are so many variables… when I get pregnant, when we can afford for me to quit work, if/when I get into med school, etc., etc. It’s also hard to think about how I’ll do it all — be a good mother, student, and then hopefully, doctor. It really seems undoable, and at times I wonder what the heck I’m thinking. Luckily, those closest to me, including my husband, have been very supportive. A lot of other people tell me to consider becoming a PA or nurse ;-((.” RY

Preparing for MCATs
“I too am preparing for the April 2000 MCAT’s…..I am a wife, mother, and cancer survivor(which incidentally was the driving force in my decision to go to medical school). I have many concerns to as I embark on this journey. I am extremely close with my husband and daughter and it terrifies me that I might not be able to maintain that closeness due to the demands of medical school. However, both of them are very supportive. It is so great to see other people struggling with many of the same issues….or some with very similar stories.” MS

Military Mother of Two
“I am a 36 yr old mother of two (14 yoa son and 13 yoa daughter) – so basically my husband and I are insane. What makes it better (just kidding) is that we are presently living in two different states due to the wonders of the military. I am a Coast Guard helicopter pilot with 3 1/2 years until retirement. Fortunately this separation will only be until next summer!!! Anyway I am in the post-bac program at the U of … which is an evening program. I will be finished with the program in the spring of 01 and plan to take the MCAT either that August or April of 02 – still debating. I offer words of encouragement to everyone in this situation – we all can do it!!! I always tell my kids that is there is a will there is a way – words I have always lived by – even when others have said – no you won’t get choosed for this or that – well I proved them wrong and intend to continue to do so!!!” L, 36, mother of 2

Book Publisher in Premed Course
“I’m the 35-year-old mother of a 3-year-old son, I work full-time in book publishing, and I have just started … postbacc premed program. Most of the people in my program are 25-year-olds without kids who are attending school full-time, so I’m really searching for a community of like-minded people. I’ve been interested in medicine since college, but have always been afraid of what it would do to my family (even before I had one). It was actually having a child that finally pushed me over the edge into doing something about my crazy dream — partly because my pregnancy and the birth exposed me once again to medicine, and partly because I realized that it’s worse to leave your kid to go to a job you don’t love than it is to leave him for longer hours to go to something you do love. Maybe I’m just deluding myself about how he’ll react to my having such a demanding career, but I guess I do believe the old adage that a happy mother makes for a happy child — and I also believe that the example of working hard and following one’s dream has to be good for a child.” L, 35, mother of one

Taking MCAT for Second Time, mom of Two
“I’m 36, have 2 daughters, 11 & 12, and a supportive husband. The desire to go into medicine hit me while I was working for a GI group when I was 21. However, my husband and I were anxious to start our family, so I returned to college after the kids came. I now have my BA in Biology and am preparing to take the MCAT (for the second time) in April 2000. I too have struggled with the concern for how being a med student would affect my family, primarily my children. I’ve also had some family members tell me my family will “suffer” if I choose this path. It is heartbreaking to feel like your dreams for your own future my hurt those you love most. This is really what prompted my to write today. My husband said the most wonderful thing to me last night and I hope it will bring to all of you the same comfort it brought to me. He told me that he can already see that our girls, as students, have benefited from seeing me go through college. Watching me study has helped set an example for them and taught them the value of education. This is true particularly because they are becoming young women themselves. When we, as women with children, choose to take on and accomplish a challenge such as ours, it sends a message of strength, dedication, and perseverance to our children. We’re not just telling our kids to learn as they grow, we’re showing them.!!! He reassured me that our kids are great now and they will be when I get into med school. I’m sorry this e-mail is so long, but my fears have run deep, and I hear them in many of your words. My pre-med adviser also keeps telling me, “Your children know who their mother is, and they always will.” It is those like my husband and adviser who help me sit at this desk without guilt and fear. Ladies…KEEP ON ROCKIN’ ON!!!!” C, 36, mother of 2

38 Year Old Lawyer Wants Kids and Medical Career
“I am 38 years old and I have almost completed my post-bacc premed requirements … am planning on returning to school in September to finish orgo & bio (already did gchem, physics & calc ) … and then mcats…..(probably the spring) — with Stanley Kaplan. I don’t have any kids yet but am certainly planning on one or two. When I saw this list I thought it would help reassure me that I can manage everything. Someone said that med students have more time than you would think. I practiced law for many years — and found that this was certainly true of law students and of myself even at my busiest times of my legal career.” MB, 38

Wanting to Become a Chiropractor
“I am currently attending school with aspirations to become a chiropractor. While this is not your traditional medicine and I do not have to take the MCAT, I do have the same amount of schooling and other entrance exams to pass. I just got out of the Military after serving five years as a medic and decided that traditional medicine wasn’t for me! I have two children 16 months and 3 which are a handful and an understanding husband who supports us all even though he is a full time student also. So far so good. Right now I am a junior and I left all my science classes for last. In fact I just started back to school today and I’m loving this opportunity.” PT “I just turned 40 (and was studying for my organic final for my birthday!) and started pre-med courses at a satellite campus of … a year & a half ago. It’s been a good experience so far. I’ll finish up organic this semester, do physics (which I loved in high school) next year, and do an upper biology course next fall. MCATs in April of 2001, I figure. Everyone’s been great about this decision of mine: my husband understands (and does the laundry, cleaning, reading to the children…), our children (almost 10 and just turned 7 year old boys), and friends. My professors have been mostly terrific and encouraging….(I’ve taught continuing ed. courses at another college for the past 9 years, so I’ve been on both sides of the podium). Anyhow, I think it’s do-able. I do get concerned about going through med school and residency as our children become teenagers, but I think they’ll do all right. They’re proud of their Mom and we all sit down to do homework together….only mine lasts a lot longer for some reason 😉 !” MB, 40, mother of 2

27 Year Old Applicant, Mom of One
“My name is M, aged 27, married 5 years to an incredible and supportive man, mother to a terrific, beautiful baby girl (8 mos). I actually have applied to med school before and was a pre-med as an undergrad. Many life changes later (teaching, back in medicine at a nursing home, move to the East Coast from the Southwest, baby!), we have moved back to our home state so I can attend med school and be near our families. I am currently taking a few courses to spiff up my GPA (biochem of disease and Virology) and get more prepared for med school, and am taking courses in a Master’s in Public Heath program that I have just officially applied for. It is a short degree program and I should be finished next Spring. I am re-taking the MCAT and am currently taking the Kaplan course (can I just mention that I really, intensely DISLIKE organic!!!!!!). I am also just starting to work on a community diabetes project. I am VERY blessed in that I don’t have to have a job this semester, though taking care of our child requires more time and energy, I sometimes think. I am learning to compartmentalize–concentrate fully on school when I’m there, and fully on wife and mom when I’m home, before everyone goes to sleep.” MC, 27, mother of one