Premedical Student Biographies and Stories

Premedical Student Biographies and Stories

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32 Year old Mom of 2 Boys
“I am 32, with 6 and almost 4 year old boys. My husband is a currency trader, but at one time seriously considered doing the med school thing with me (actually took 2 years off and did premed work!), so he knows what we are in for, and also won’t feel like I’m getting a special opportunity that he couldn’t have. I got a master’s in public health, and I stayed at home with my kids for 3 years before starting to work in health services research. I worked full time, took premed classes (the only one I had from college was bio-and things have changed since then!), and took the MCATs last spring. My undergrad grades were acceptable, not overwhelming, and my MCATS were decent. I did pretty well in the premed class work, but in second semester orgo I was really overwhelmed (I came back from presenting a paper in CA 48 hours before my final exam!), and ended up with a B-, which not one of my interviewers commented on, although I think I brought it up myself once. I made a conscious decision that Orgo would have to come after work and the MCATs, and it was OK. I was accepted to the University of Rochester, and will start here in August.” KW, 32, mother of 2

30 Year old Mom of Two Girls, taking MCATs
“I am a 30 year old, married with 3 and 9 mo old girls. My husband is a computer programmer with his own home-based business and we have been together for 10 and married for 5 come April. He is totally supportive and has agreed to finance it (I want it in writing though), but really doesn’t know what he has committed to (he asked me last night why I needed to take Organ Chem for credit…I almost laughed myself to tears)as far as the hours away from home and studying. But I know that he is gearing up by the detailed questions he pops out every once in awhile. I am a stay-at-home Mom for now although the girls and I are never home, but plan to return to work in the Fall until med school begins. Originated in the Caribbean, stopped in Toronto, Canada for awhile, and now settled in Georgia. B.S. in Anatomy & Physiology (’93), M.S. in Physical Therapy (’94.) Have a strong GPA (looking back at my grades makes me look like a brain, but I really didn’t feel like I was smart…still don’t) but lacking Organic Chemistry. Planning to take the MCAT in April ’01 and begin med school in 2002. I haven’t shared my plans with too many people for fear of their negative comments sending me into a tailspin of self doubt. I am so excited and anxious about realizing this goal that I want to keep focused. ” N, 30, mother of 2

In the Closet Pre-Med!
“I tell my husband I’m an in the closet pre-med, because I’ve only told a couple of people about my desire to be a physician. I don’t think I can handle many negative comments right now. Until recently I had planned on a Physician Assistant program, but I really felt like I was settling. I do feel a bit intimidated by all of you and inspired at the same time. I’m 31 yrs old, married, and have a 4yr old and a 9 mth old. I have no college degrees, I’m starting from ground ZERO. I have quite a bit of back office experience as a medical assistant and phlebotomist, but in terms of education it is over whelming at times. I just try to think of it one semester at a time. I’m taking classes at a CC right now and then I plan to transfer to a state university for pre-req’s etc.” VM, 31, mother of 2

35 Year Old Mom of Four
“I am a “closet pre-med”. I started at a CC when I was 32 ( I’m 35 now) and have been biding my time until my youngest son is in school (next year). We don’t want to do the daycare thing so I decided to take things a little slower at first so I can meet his needs. I have four sons (13, 11, 8 and 5) and I wondered if any of you have more than two children. I have heard of a mom with four kids at forty getting into med-school in Canada but have yet to make contact with such a person.” A, 35, mother of 4

Story of Medical School Journey
“I would be happy to tell y’all something about my story, because I look at it and think, “Damn–if I can live the life I’ve lived and get into medical school, then anyone with determination can.” I graduated from high school in 1978, and went with a backpack to live on a farm in Hawaii with a bunch of other young people. I knew I wanted to be a doctor someday, but I just wasn’t ready right after high school to sign up for the rest of my life yet–I decided I had some living to do first. I ended up marrying and having 3 children almost immediately. I did go to college, took classes at the Univ. of …, got my BA from … (an “alternative education” type university–lots of independent study, credit for life experiences, etc). I moved to Texas, got divorced, had to put any further education on hold while I supported my children. I ended up learning medical transcription on the job and did that for ten years. Eventually ended up working in the Pathology Depart. at major hospitals here in Austin. It was working in the Path Dept. that I realized I HAD to go back to school–I saw an autopsy that brought lumps to my throat because it was so inspiring. That and a very good friend of mine dying at the age of 38 made me realize that it was now or never. I got all my premed classes at the community college here. I did well. I am a little shy about posting the dreaded “stats” ’cause it seems a little obnoxious . . . but I will because maybe it will help someone. I took the Princeton Review last spring to help study for the MCAT. However, probably didn’t take it as seriously as I should have because, ahem, (little embarrassing) I fell in love with someone at the same time. Total undergrad GPA–3.79, science and math GPA–4.0; MCAT–32 total, 13 Verbal, 9 (biology and organic), 10 (physics and chem), an S on the essays. I think my numbers helped, but I also think my recommendation letters and my medical experiences helped immensely. I am one of those students who really loves school, almost always makes personal contact with the professors, and asks lots of questions. Yes, exactly the kind of student that everyone probably hates–oh well–I don’t do it to be obnoxious, but just because I think chemistry and biology are really very cool subjects and I am very inquisitive. One of the good things about this is that it helped me to develop mentors who then wrote great recommendation letters. I got to read some of my letters, and my professors really went all out–it blew me away, and I am very grateful to them. Also I got a recommendation from the chief of staff at … Hospital here–because he is also the Pathology Dept chief and I used to work for him. Also last spring, I got a mole removed by a plastic surgeon and I worked up the courage to ask if I could observe him at surgery (he has an operating room suite in his office). To my surprise, he said, “Yes.” That summer I asked if he had any research he was doing, and he also said yes–because of my somewhat minimal help on the papers, I am 2nd and 1st author on two papers being published. I also asked if I could train as a surgical tech, and he said yes, again. I also know a family practice doc who let me shadow her for a week last summer. Both of these mentors wrote recommendation letters. In addition, I volunteered at the ER a little, and went out on EMS ride-alongs (very fun). There are tons of clinical experiences out there for the asking; it was very difficult for me to ask, but it sure was worth it. I also spent 6 (!!!!) weeks writing my admissions essays, got at ton of second opinions.” W

Doctoral Student on Bed Rest
” I am 26 years old and presently on complete bed rest with a very high risk pregnancy (6.5 months). I am also on a leave of absence from a doctoral program in Computer Science (supposedly until next Fall). As if grad school and pregnancy were not enough, I have been working on an internship since March (part-time from home since I went on bed rest July 12th). Thank goodness for my very supportive husband (who’s also pursuing an MBA while working full time). Well, I had always wanted to be a doctor since childhood. I volunteered at a nursing home throughout high school and participated in several summer programs for high school students contemplating pre-med; however, I was strongly urged by my parents to pursue engineering. I did what they told me to do (reluctantly), and now, ten years later, I have finally decided to pursue my personal interests and apply to med school. Later this week, I am meeting with several admissions directors in the Atlanta area to hopefully get some advice about preparing for med school. I have also bought books and (obviously) searched the web looking for advice, etc. from other non-traditional med students.” VS, 26, mother of one

Just Started Algebra
“I am a 28 year old mother of two; just beginning the “premed” process with an Algebra class at a Univ. … campus. My husband is in graduate school at the moment; so time together as a family is difficult to achieve. I am seeking the support and advice of those in a similar situation.” JH, 28, mother of 2

Doctors Wife Wanting To Become a Doctor
“I’m the wife of a family practitioner and am interested in a career in medicine. I’m meeting with the admissions advisor this Wednesday to discuss my class load next semester in a pre med program. I need the support and encouragement of other women who are pursuing their dreams and juggling family and school or career.” JA, 37, mother of 2

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