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Direct Selling to Women Physicians – A Checklist of Do’s and Don’ts

Direct Selling to Women Physicians – A Checklist of Do’s and Don’ts

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With an increasing number of female physicians, traditional direct sales methods may require updating, says

West Hollywood, CA, June 30, 2006 — With the number of women physicians on the rise, traditional methods of direct-to-physician sales may require some updating, states, a leading career site for women in medicine. Recent qualitative research revealed a checklist of do’s and don’ts for pharmaceutical sales reps dealing with a female doctor.

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“For the most part, our physician members were reasonably satisfied with their experiences with pharmaceutical reps visiting their practice,” says Sethina Edwards, president and founder of MomMD. “However, there were some shocking errors made by both male and female sales reps; some of which were inappropriate and detrimental for selling to the rapidly increasing body of women physicians.”

MomMD prepared the following checklist to keep things professional.

Do not:

– Ignore Women Physicians

There were many stories of drug reps walking right past a woman physician to find the male physician’s office. Worse still, was ignoring offers from female physicians to sign a form, replying that “only the doctors signature will do!”

– Be Inappropriate

Unless informed otherwise, don’t call female physicians by their first name and try to become their buddy! Female reps are especially guilty of trying to become best-friends’, say some of our members. One firm even resorted to sending only mommy reps’ to a pregnant physician! Some male reps have even commented on how young’ the doctor looks or remar ked on the female doctor’s appearance. An absolute no-no!

– Be Aggressive

No matter how enthusiastic you might be about the product; be aware of coming across as pushy. One member described being addressed, “OK, woman” in front of her staff. Another describes a rep making multiple appointments to discuss new information,’ leading to a complete ban from the office.

– Assume

That the female physician is NOT an influential colleague or partner in the practice.


– Treat the female doctor as equal to her male counterparts. Accept the female physician as a person of influence and key figure within a medical office. A lone female physician may see considerably more female patients, which is absolutely critical when marketing a female-oriented product.

– Concentrate on building a relationship of trust and integrity with all physicians, male and female.

– Be professional and courteous at all times.

– Be creative in your approach, think of unique, efficient and effective ways of communicating with the female doctor.

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