Physician Job Upgraded 2006

Physician Job Upgraded 2006

Physician job upgraded 2006

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West Hollywood, California, September 5, 2006 – More than 150 years after Elizabeth Blackwell earned her medical degree, women physicians are pioneering trends towards part-time or flexible working arrangements. Established in 1999 to provide support and information to empower women in medicine, today announced the launch of an improved physician job listings and unique job seeker service geared towards the female physician. The service will enable more women physicians to achieve work-life balance, as job listings include full-time, part-time, job share and usually hard-to-find flexible physician job opportunities.

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“Since 1999, thousands of women physicians have visited MomMD seeking work-life balance,” says Sethina Edwards, president and founder of MomMD, LLC. “Improving our job listings service is an essential component of our professional and personal resources for women in medicine. A survey found that flexible working arrangements (both in full and part-time practice) are a top priority for women physicians. We are delighted to offer women physicians this unique service, adding to our mission of improving the careers and lives of women in medicine.”

With over 120,000 visits per month from a 99% female audience at, the physician job board also allows job seekers to upload their CV and contact employers and recruiters directly. MomMD believes their female-friendly doctor jobs board to be the first of its kind, as many jobs are advertised with the female physician in mind. There is no charge for job seekers to use the service.

MomMD research showed that women physicians thrive in jobs that enable them to balance career and home life. A happily employed female physician benefits from an employer who understands work-life balance, childcare, maternity leave and other relevant issues. A MomMD survey found that 19% of women physicians are joining forces to job share, with another 60% of respondents saying they would job share if they could. With the increasing number of women physicians these issues must be addressed to prevent physician shortages and burn-out.

MomMD provides professional and personal support and services for women in medicine. MomMD was founded in 1999 and receives over 650,000 page views per month. Medical students, premed students and physicians can find active physician forums, articles and advice on this niche career site and professional association.

For more information, search or post at physician jobs.