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The Best of Both Worlds – Growing Number of Women Physicians Seeking Part-Time Positions

The Best of Both Worlds – Growing Number of Women Physicians Seeking Part-Time Positions

West Hollywood, CA, Sep 16, 2005 — Balancing career and family is one of the greatest challenges faced by many women physicians today. A recent survey found that over 70% of physicians working part-time reported the highest levels of work-life balance with a family. Finding that elusive part-time position often takes tenacity, dedication and, a bit of luck. MomMD’s Physician Job Board and Job Share Network has become a starting point for many hopeful physicians.

“The demand for part-time positions is on the rise,” says Sethina Edwards, president and founder of MomMD. “Medicine is unlike other professions in that part-time still often means a 30-40 hour working week. With more women going into medicine, flexibility is key for career longevity and satisfaction. Physicians working part-time often make sacrifices in terms of career progress, job security and income. They sometimes experience negativity from resentful or unsympathetic colleagues. However, this is a price many are willing to pay for career/life balance.”

Launched in August 1999, MomMD provides support and information for women in medicine. The Physician Job Board is one such successful resource. The physician recruitment company,, has found an ideal audience to advertise their growing number of part-time physician opportunities.

“Our fast-growing physician placement business was born from the realization that other healthcare professionals (both men and women) experienced the need to create a balanced life for individuals and families,” says Lynn Hepner, co-founder of “Professionals seeking part-time work are often in the child-rearing season, providing the “sandwich generation” demands of elder care, trailing spouses in corporate moves, beginning an active retirement or finding themselves stuck in an unfulfilling practice setting.”

Happy, part-time women physicians claim that flexibility is the key to having it all’, while recognizing that you cannot have it all’ at once. Once working part-time physicians cite that providing extra cover, widening the applicant pool, increased loyalty and willingness to work unusual schedules are some employer benefits. However, winning employers over can take time. finds their client base expanding rapidly as hospitals, physician groups, contract management companies, clinics, and diverse corporations needing clinical or administrative physicians learn about the tremendous value of permanent part-time physicians.

The survey asked more than 60 questions to physicians, medical and premedical students. Questions related to career, family and professional issues. More than 500 respondents completed the survey. Click here for the MomMD Women in Medicine Survey Results Click here to view the latest physician jobs on the MomMD job board.