Should I Mention I am a Mom on My Medical School Application?

Should I Mention I am a Mom on My Medical School Application?

Should I mention I am a mom on my medical school application?{loadposition hidden-adsense-block-intro}Members Answer – Should I mention that I am a mother?

“Should I discuss the fact that I am a mother on my application or in my interviews? Will I be considered negatively? It’s very relevant in my decision to become a doctor but I just can’t decide what’s the right approach to take?” AE – Portland, OR (August 1999)

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“YES! YES! YES! Would you want to be in a school that frowned on women with families? You need to talk frankly about the qualities of motherhood that make you a better candidate. You should also ask to speak with students at that school who are mothers. Some schools really get into the non-traditional students, others do not. Apply to lots of schools, but be sure that your list includes family-friendly schools. Med school is tough enough, make sure you do it at a place that will support and encourage you!” – KB (December 99)

“I would definitely mention your being a mother, it is a part of who you are! The interview process is designed to find that out, and it would be detrimental to you to seem to be hiding something. Also, you should feel proud of your ability to manage the dual role of mother and student. The experience of being a mother will enrich your medical education and will make you a better physician. You should state your belief in this, but at the same time, be clear about how you expect to handle your additional responsibilities. Make it known that being a mother is a benefit, not a hindrance, because it truly is. Good Luck!” KC – Los Angeles, CA (Sept 99)