Ready to Apply to Medical School? Your Application Through AMCAS and Your Interviews (2)

Ready to Apply to Medical School? Your Application Through AMCAS and Your Interviews (2)

Of course you will be nervous, but they expect that and good interviewers will try to put you at ease and make you comfortable. The point is to get to know you personally, how you interact with people, and how you comport yourself. After all, as a physician you will be dealing with people on a very personal level, often in very stressful situations. Practicing for the interview is a great idea. If you can, persuade your pre-med advisor, or a doctor that you know to give you a mock interview, complete with questions about medical ethics, your choice of medicine as a profession, and your choice of this school in particular. You had better study up on current events both in the medical field and outside of it. You are sure to be asked why you want to be a physician. This question is a trap and they know it. Don’t answer “well, I’ve always wanted to be a doctor!” or “because I want to make a lot of money!”. Think long and hard about your reasons for pursuing medicine before you get to the interview, then organize your thoughts so you can answer concisely, but from the heart. They want to know, why did you choose medicine? and why should we choose you?

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