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Simple First Aid Tips For An Injured Ankle

Simple First Aid Tips For An Injured Ankle

Athletes are not the only ones who get injured. Anybody can get a sprained ankle at any time of the day. A sprain occurs when there are one or more ligaments that have been either torn, twisted or overstretched. This is the most common ankle injury, and anybody who has accidentally fallen on the ground or twisted their feet can experience this problem.

Always remember, the best move in treating an ankle injury is by seeing a doctor immediately. Without a doubt, the pain will eventually get excruciating. Meanwhile, it would most definitely be essential to apply first aid treatments to prevent the injury from becoming worse.

Here are some of the signs that the ankle is most likely injured.

  •  It is painful to walk with.
  • The pain may not be bearable.
  • The pain is localized around the joint.
  • The person with the injury will feel faint.
  • Swelling and warmth may occur after the pain.
  • There is bruising around the ankles.

Now, if two or more of these signs are present, and you cannot rush the injured person to the hospital right away, below are some of the steps you can follow to apply first aid.

Immediately rest the leg. The patient should stop whatever it is he or she is doing and immediately rest the injured ankle. Ask the patient to sit down and rest his or her entire leg. You may also raise the injury.

Apply a cold compress. To reduce the pain, apply a cold compress or wrap the ankle entirely with a bag of ice. You can substitute this with a bag of frozen peas on top of a piece of cloth. Remember, application of ice directly to the skin will cause cold burns. So always cover the ice bag with a cloth first. While the injured area is under cooling, see if you can find an adjustable ankle brace or an ankle wrap.

Compress the area with a wrap or a brace. For sporting events, such as volleyball or basketball, most first aiders have an ankle brace for possible ankle injuries. But in the event that there’s no one else who can provide a brace or a wrap, you can use any elastic bandage as a temporary remedy. Apply some pressure while wrapping or bracing the area so as to help limit the swelling. After a few minutes, check the circulation to ensure that the brace or the wrap has not been worn tightly.

Contact your doctor or go to the emergency room. Unless you are knowledgeable on how to take care of a sprained ankle at home, it would be best to see a doctor right away. If the pain becomes unbearable, there is a good chance that the ligaments were beyond overstretched. In fact, they could be torn. Cases like these may require surgery so never delay your doctor’s appointment.

What are the signs that you really need to see a doctor?

  • If your foot starts to feel numb and this numbness is starting to crawl upwards to your leg. This is a good indicator that your ligament has been completely torn and no pain relievers or ice pack can treat this problem.
  • Red streaks start to develop on the injured area. This is a good sign of a growing infection.
  • The pain feels like it has permeated to the joint.
  • Your injury today is the exact same place where you were initially injured.

Panic will slowly grow on you, especially when you are not used to providing first aid. The best piece of advice anybody can give you is to stay calm. Getting carried away with your emotions will cloud your judgment. So remember to stay calm, breathe and follow these tips above. If you can’t remember them, you can simply Google this article again.