The Top 10 Positive Sources of Body Energy (2)

The Top 10 Positive Sources of Body Energy (2)

8. Let it out

Laugh, cry, scream, holler or yell–do whatever it takes to let the emotions you are feeling out.

9. Use body work to reduce tension

Our bodies hold high amounts of tension and anxiety. Whatever you select, a massage, facial, manicure, pedicure, herbal wrap, chiropractic care, reflexology, accupuncture, etc., bodywork is an important measure for restoring balance, getting circulation flowing and increasing your energy level.

10. Activity breeds more body energy

Whether you choose to do something wild and extravagant or just something you have always wanted to do, stop dreaming about it and start doing it. Rather than using your energy to dream or think about it — just put yourself in action and DO IT!

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Natalie A. Gahrmann is a dynamic workshop/seminar leader, trainer and success coach. She combines life experiences and extensive training to motivate others to achieve better results, unlock creativity and gain fulfillment in their work and personal life. She specializes in working with Small Business Owners, Professionals, Managers and Home-Based Working Moms seeking create better results without sacrificing the quality of their life. She has appeared worldwide in a variety of publications including the Star Ledger, Home News, Packet Publications, Asbury Park Press, Pensacola News Journal, Edmonton Sun Times, Redbook, Smart Money and on-line at Blue Suit Mom, NetWorking Moms, MLM Woman Newsletter, Better Business Focus, and, Tumbler Ridge Assessment & Resource Service.