The Top 10 Positive Sources of Body Energy

The Top 10 Positive Sources of Body Energy

Negative energy sources like adrenaline, stress and worry drain your body’s energy. These sources of energy will provide an effective positive boost to your energy level.

1. Eat healthy for more energy

Determine the types of food YOUR body needs for optimum performance. By developing a personal way of eating that supports who you are you will be more successful at adapting to a healthy eating lifestyle. Confer with a good nutritionist, if necessary. Make gradual changes by picking just 1 food you know you should eat less of and replace it with a better food for the next 30 days. Look into whether you need more omega-3 fatty acids or other nutrients.

2. Exercising “fun-ly” builds body energy

By making exercise fun and interesting you will stay motivated to continue. The benefits are cumulative rather than immediate. Remind yourself of the benefits and adapt exercise habits as part of your daily routine of self care. Stop thinking of exercise as an option–start now and experiment until you find something you truly enjoy. When it becomes uninteresting and a drag–it’s time for a change–not a halt!

3. Get adequate sleep to wake up energized

Sleep is vital for your body and for you to have the opportunity to enjoy life fully. Determine how much sleep your body needs in order to be properly fueled. Create the environment that nourishes your most effective sleep. Try on new habits–avoid watching TV, reading, doing work in bed and use your bed instead as a quiet time to fuel your body with rest. Be sure your bedroom is a peaceful place for you.

4. Create boundaries

Determine what is absolutely important to you and begin saying “no” more often to requests outside of the list. Focus on your current priorities and let that guide you to make wise choices about how to use your time and how to live your life. Define and honor your priorities into your everyday life. Take control of your life and your time by establishing clear boundaries.

5. Use positive thinking

Negative thoughts and worry zap your energy. Think high quality thoughts instead. The power of thoughts is often the creation of reality. Hang out with positive people, as well.

6. Write down your goals

Put your goals and dreams in writing to help make your intentions more clear and begin drawing these things into your life (based on metaphysical law!). Be very specific and include as many exact details as possible. Keep this list visible and refer to it regularly to keep the thoughts alive in your mind.

7. Eliminate tolerations, recapture your body’s energy

“Putting up” with things is one of the biggest energy drainers for many people. By identifying and eliminating whatever it is you are tolerating you will free yourself to start attracting more of what you do want.

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