Rants and Raves

speak up

I’m seething.  A Huffington Post article this week misrepresented a caring, wonderful doctor and her informed perspective.  Most upsetting, the article could endanger young anorexic women by promoting an inaccurate perspective of their treatment needs.

By inadequately emphasizing and elucidating the medical perspective, the article is dismally skewed.  The article implies that firm limits and aggressive treatment of anorexic college women during acute illness is somehow mismanagement.  That psychology is not adequately addressed.  This perspective could not be more misguided.  Of course, the interviewed young women abhorred aggressive interventions which are dreadfully uncomfortable, not unlike treatments for other illnesses such as chemotherapy for cancer.

Yet, that dreadful treatment of re-feeding must take place first — initially for survival and then for recovery.  A starving brain does not work as well. The brain must be nourished before it can achieve the profound insights and understanding which are also absolutely essential.  It is not a matter of what is better treatment but a matter of what comes first.  Starvation trumps all.  No question about it.  The author missed this essential point, not surprising considering she did not even get the physician’s first name quite right.

I did not enjoy becoming a temporary member of this website, which is not my favorite site.  Now more so.  However, transient membership allowed me to comment below the article with vehemence.

And, I’m just venting on this to encourage other good women docs to get out there with loud voices, or loud Internet voices.