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Spotlight Sites and Items

Spotlight Sites and Items

The MomMD Spotlight Awards represent websites or items we believe to be the best around. They are also websites or items that are the most useful, informative or relevant to our audience of women physicians, medical students and premedical students. We know that our members value and appreciate our spotlight winners, as the spotlight awards are nominated by our members and staff. We give out only 12 (or less) Spotlight site awards each year.

MomMD members are highly educated and professional women with limited time to sort through the masses of web information that may (or may not) be relevant to them. The Spotlight awards bring the relevant information straight to them. MomMD has over 8,000 members and receives more than 70,000 visitors and one million hits per month.

The Spotlight Item is changed regularly, but will be displayed for a minimum of one week.

The Spotlight Web Site is displayed here for an entire calendar month. The recipient site gets to display the following award on their page.

MomMD Spotlight Award Winner

Email if you would like to enter your item or website for ‘Spotlight’ consideration. Business, non-profit and individual sites/items are welcome to enter.

Spotlight Sites of the Year

NLM – Changing the Face of Medicine – 2003-2004 – The Society of Non-Traditional Medical and Pre-Medical Students – 2002-2003

Spotlight Site Winners

Physicians Practice Magazine


UK Med School Guide

Student National Medical Association

NLM Changing the Face of Medicine Exhibit

Brain, Child – The Magazine for Thinking Mothers.

Association of Women Surgeons.

Mothers and More.

Doctors Without Borders/M