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Suicide Witness


As a psychiatrist, witnessing a stranger’s suicide with my family shook me up, to say the least.  After seeing my family as well as emergency responders harshly impacted by this experience,  I wondered if psychiatrists underestimate the violent impact suicide can have on others — even those who don’t know the person who suicides?  The impact suicide must have on loved ones is unthinkable.  I also wondered whether there could be a  benefit in increasing discussion about the violence of suicide?  My article on the subject was published this week in American Journal of Psychiatry under the title Purple and Turquoise Ribbons  Please take a peek.  

(And, for any readers who are finding this link because they are suicidal or worry about someone who is suicidal, please immediately contact  a psychiatrist or therapist or emergency room or call the suicide hotline.  Number 1-800-273-8255.)