Summer School

Summer School

As the kids get older, finding summer camps for teens gets more challenging. A viable option is summer school.

But we don’t mean the get-those-grades-up-young-lady kind. We mean summer programs high school students can attend of their own free will. A pre college summer program for high school students can provide an enriching experience, fantastic learning opportunity, and eye-opening awareness of what’s needed for admission to a teenager’s college of choice.

Many colleges and universities across the country offer high school summer courses. The University of Dallas, a private Catholic Liberal arts college with a Great Books core curriculum that all undergraduates take prior to embarking on their major, offers a fantastic high school summer abroad program. With a campus in Rome as well as Irving, Texas, University of Dallas faculty teach students in an environment that has a wealth of resources at their fingertips.

“Our high school summer programs were designed as an opportunity for high school students to be introduced to our signature study of Great Books under the tutelage of senior faculty, integrated with visits to sites of artistic and historic interest,” said Rebecca Davies, director of the Rome and Summer Programs for University of Dallas. “Shakespeare in Italy was introduced in 1994, Latin in Rome in 1996, and both have operated ever since, attracting the brightest high school students from throughout the country.”

Try a local option

Like many universities, University of Dallas also offers a program on its local campus that is more affordable and does not involve international travel. Their program, Arete, has been well-received by high schoolers, who return for Arete II. Praise from one teen includes: “I was able to interact with people my own age from across the country and make meaningful and lasting friendships. “

But why would teenagers agree to submit to high school summer courses when they could be hanging out at the neighborhood pool? What’s in it for a teen?

“Our abroad programs offer three hours of transferable college credit,” Davies explained. “For Latin in Rome, the credit is in Latin and may help a student to have completed his language requirement when he gets to college. For other students, the credits free up the student’s schedule when they get to college, allowing them more freedom of choice, or the opportunity to possibly graduate sooner.”

Connecting, learning

For many parents, getting teenagers engaged in a summer program – any summer program – is a challenge. But many programs for high school students offer opportunities to connect with other teens in enriching, amazing places. Investigate what programs are available at the college near you, or venture farther afield to institutions around the country.

These high school abroad programs and summer high school programs can create memories that last a lifetime.

“Students on Shakespeare in Italy,” said Davies, “besides the friendships they form and the lasting memories, gain an appreciation of meaningful education and travel they carry with them throughout their lives.

“They also report and their teachers confirm improved writing and test scores. Students have been inspired to choose majors, or have appreciated the chance to study a subject in depth before embarking on more professional preparation.”

And, hey, if the kids don’t want to enroll, maybe they’ll let Mom go.

A few examples of college programs

Many universities and colleges around the United States offer summer programs for high school students.

Stanford University: Offers an eight-week program for high school students who are eager to experience a true university environment. Current high school juniors and seniors are eligible to apply.

Columbia University: Offers programs in New York, Barcelona, and the Middle East for students in grades 9 to 12.

Washington University in St. Louis: For high school students who have completed sophomore or junior year. Students can try out college, earn college credit, and meet students from around the country and the world.

Another option

Another option for high school students is online schooling for the summer. Many universities now offer online high schooling opportunities. Brown University offers online courses for high school students in summer and fall sessions on Anatomy, DNA Science, Engineering, Medicine, Writing, and Leadership. Oregon State University also offers a distance learning program for high school students.

Option 1: Sleep-away camp

Option 2: Unstructured play

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