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Career and Life Satisfaction of Women Physicians – MomMD Women in Medicine Survey Results

Career and Life Satisfaction of Women Physicians – MomMD Women in Medicine Survey Results

The following questions and results concern overall career and life satisfaction.

How satisfied are you with your work/life/family balance?

The majority of the respondents are less than satisfied with their work/life/family balance, one in five (21.74%) reported being dissatisfied with their balance. However, 37.30% report being satisfied. The cross-tabulations shown in question 12 illustrate the working hours are related to satisfaction and finding balance. Question 13 (above) also illustrated the relationship between hours worked and working or study status. 66.66% of those working more than 40 hours per week report being very dissatisfied with their balance. Other than not working at all, working 30-40 hours per week seems the optimum point for feeling very satisfied (24.32%). Being divorced or separated is most likely to make you feel very dissatisfied with work/family/life balance, 17.24% report being very dissatisfied and 27.9% dissatisfied. The most satisfied are those who are married, partnered or widowed, of which over 50% report being satisfied or very satisfied. A majority of single respondents (41.3%) report feeling neutral about it. Respondents with children are most likely to report feeling very dissatisfied with 2 or more than 5 children. Even of those with more than 5 children, 66.67% report feeling satisfied with their balance. Those with 4 children have the highest rates of feeling very satisfied with the balance.

Work/life/family balance is important for all MomMD members. Highest percentages fall into either satisfied or dissatisfied categories. Part time physicians had the highest satisfaction and Full Time caregivers for their own children had the highest level of dissatisfaction.
Housekeeping/cleaning was the largest contributor of help by those who report most satisfied. Those working 30-40 hrs/wk were very satisfied where as those working 40-100 hrs/wk were very dissatisfied. Married status revealed highest satisfaction with life and those divorced and separated showed higher dissatisfaction. Of the specialties – family practice was highest in satisfaction.

Choice Texts Count Percent Weighting Value Percent
A- Very satisfied 37 8.04 5 185 12.73
B- Satisfied 172 37.39 4 688 47.24
C- Neutral 115 25 3 345 23.97
D- Dissatisfied 100 21.74 2 200 13.72
E- Very dissatisfied 36 7.83 1 36 2.33

Mean 3.16
Variance 1.2
Standard Deviation 1.1
Skewness -0.31
Kurtosis 0
Relative Spread 1.27
Standard Error around the Mean 0.05
Mode 4
Median 3


Answered question 460 91.27
Did not answer question 41 8.13
Answer unavailable 3 0.6
Total 504 100

What percentage (approximately) of household duties (cooking, cleaning, etc) are you responsible for?

Question 24 highlighted that the majority (82.7%) of respondents were responsible for at least half of the household duties while another (9.92%) reported being responsible for 25% of the household duties; (6.54%) reported being responsible for less than 25% of the household duties and (0.84%) reported no responsibility for the household duties. Of the physicians, 42.21% reported being responsible for 75% of household duties, a similar rate to those thinking of a medical career (43.75%).

A- 100% 17.93%
B- 75% 31.65%
C- 50% 33.12%
D- 25% 9.92%
E- less than 25%6.54%
F- None 0.84%

Answered question 474 94.05%
Did not answer question 27 5.36%

Do you hire any of the following paid household help on a regular basis?

Respondents were allowed to enter more than one choice. Of the 38.89% who answered the question most (46.92%) hired a housekeeper/cleaner. Only 13 respondents of 504 hired a live-in nanny or au-pair. Respondents hired an average of 1.49 people per person. Parents-to-be only hired housekeepers and cleaners. 63.89% of residents answering the question hired a housekeeper.

A- Nanny/au-pair live-in 4.45%
B- Nanny/au-pair/babysitter live-out 15.75%
C- Housekeeper/cleaner 46.92%
D- Cook/personal chef 1.03%
E- Gardener 20.21%
F- Other, please specify… 11.64%
Total 292 100
Average # choices chosen per response 1.49

Answered question 196 38.89%
Did not answer question 308 61.11%

Have you personally experienced any discrimination or negativity from other students, residents, professors or physicians because of your GENDER?

A- Yes 37.19%
B- No 58.5%
C- Not applicable 4.31%

Answered question 441 87.5%
Did not answer question 60 11.9%
Answer unavailable 3 0.6

Have you personally experienced any discrimination or negativity from other students, residents, professors or physicians because of your PARENTAL status?

A- Yes 26.86%
B- No 45.15%
C- Not applicable 27.99%

Answered question 443 87.9%
Did not answer question 58 11.51%
Answer unavailable 3 0.6%

How satisfied are you with your career choice so far?

Overall, the majority of the respondents are either satisfied or very satisfied with its career choice. The group of those “thinking of a medical career”‘ is the only exception to this norm. This however is not very surprising, considering the fact that most members of that group are weighing a career change.

A trend worth noticing is that the level of satisfaction with the choice of a medical career levels as the stage in the career advances. While more than 50% of the pre-med and Med students consider themselves ‘very satisfied’ with their career choice, only 31% of the physicians consider themselves ‘very satisfied’, while the majority (40%) are only ‘satisfied’.

Choice Texts Count Percent Weighting Value Percent
A- Very satisfied 175 40.51 5 875 50.4
B- Satisfied 153 35.42 4 612 35.25
C- Neutral 56 12.96 3 168 9.68
D- Dissatisfied 33 7.64 2 66 3.8
E- Very dissatisfied 15 3.47 1 15 .86

Mean 4.02
Variance 1.16
Standard Deviation 1.07
Skewness -1.08
Kurtosis 0.01
Relative Spread 1
Standard Error around the Mean 0.05
Mode 5
Median 4

Answered question 432 85.71 %
Did not answer question 69 13.69%
Answer unavailable 3 0.6

Physicians & Medical Students – If you could start your life over again, would you still pick medicine as a career?

A- Yes 63.03%
B- No 15.41%
C- Undecided 21.57%

Answered question 357 70.83%
Did not answer question 144 28.57%
Answer unavailable 3 0.6

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