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The 6 Things Physician Moms Need in Their Toolbox to Achieve Physical, Mental and Spiritual Balance

The 6 Things Physician Moms Need in Their Toolbox to Achieve Physical, Mental and Spiritual Balance

In my last blog post, I talked about the 4 R’s to finding work-life fulfillment. The first R was to Reassess. You were asked to spend some quiet time alone, reflect on the various areas of your life and determine if your current work-life situation supported the lifestyle you desired. What did this exercise reveal to you? Were there any surprises? As you continue to reflect on these questions and the changes you would like to make, make sure you have the resources to help you get through this stage of your self-development. Here are the 6 things physician moms need in their toolbox to achieve physical, mental, and spiritual balance.

1.       Your BFF– You bet, your best friend is someone who you can call in the middle of the night when things get tough and they will always answer your calls. They will listen without criticism and provide a shoulder to cry on. Your BFF is the person that really knows you and will offer advice in your best interest.

2.       The word NO– No is a complete sentence. One that is often hard for us to use. We want to please everyone and not hurt anyone’s feelings even if it means taking on more than we can handle. Learning to say no provides boundaries and reduces stress and burnout.

3.       “Me time”– Not taking time to recharge can easily lead to burnout. Prioritizing “me-time” is important for renewing energy and should be planned regularly. Decide what your “me-time” looks like and then work it into your schedule.

4.       Affirmations– Positive words can improve your mood, increase your self-confidence, and help to get you through a tough day. Write down some positive words or statements and put them in places that you can easily see and access when needed. You may want to pick your favorite statement, frame it and put it in your office.

5.       Exercise apps– We know how important it is to exercise and all the physical and mental health benefits of it. But with our busy schedules, it’s hard to find time to exercise. There are some great apps that allow you to exercise in the comfort of your home and take 10 minutes to complete. Some examples are Seven, 7 Minute Workout and Sworkit. Just think, 3 repetitions throughout the day of a 10minute workout and you get in 30 minutes of physical activity.

6.       Journal– I love keeping a gratitude journal. It’s a great way to continuously remind us of all that we should be thankful for. Practicing gratitude lowers stress, improves sleep, and boosts your mood. You can journal with pen and paper or, if you’re techy, you can download an app like Gratitude Journal-the life-changing app or HappyFeed.


Identify the person in your life you can talk to openly and give you honest feedback.

Identify ways to journal. In addition to gratitude, journal about your progress for any changes you committed to make.

Continuously reassess your goals and identify where you need to make changes to reach the goals you set.