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The Secrets For Working Single Moms To Stay In Shape

As a single parent, you have two pairs of shoes to fill, but one matters more than the other.


Hence personal needs like getting back in shape and looking good become a little bit more difficult to achieve when your daily schedule has already been planned out to take your kids into account. And because most diets are too complicated and expensive to follow, achieving your health and fitness goals can become less possible as time goes by.


Apart from exercising and eating a proper healthy diet, there are other secrets for losing weight effectively. If you are a single mom who is working full time and does not seem to find the hours required to workout, you can adapt these habits to help you lose weight without spending too much of your precious time.


Take Your Multivitamins and Iron

If you feel like your energy is too low and you do not have the interest to get out of your house to shop or even clean the house, you are likely low in iron. Iron deficiency causes you to feel sluggish and lazy. It slows down your metabolism and can eventually make it inefficient resulting in fewer calories burned and more fat stored. Low energy is also directly related to the lack of interest to workout even if you are dying to see that scale go down.


To increase your energy, improve your mood and keep you energized, take your daily multivitamins with small doses of iron. Make sure that you also take magnesium and calcium as these minerals help decrease stress, suppress cravings, improve mood and maintain a steady level of energy all throughout the day. Once you feel this way, you will eat less, have more energy and gain a more positive outlook in life.


Be Open To Supplements

Living a life of single parenthood who takes care of everything is not glamorous. You are bound to skip meals, forget to eat healthy, miss out on exercises and and even forget to shower. As you put your child’s needs first, you need to get your health back in the most convenient way possible, and using supplements will help you with that. Dietary supplements will help fill in the nutritional gaps in your health. In fact, some supplements have the ability to boost your metabolism and make you lose weight.


You can also buy forskolin, green coffee bean extract, raspberry ketones, and garcinia cambogia and other weight loss products you can try online. But be warned that not all products are effective or will work for you. Because of their popularity and demand, low quality products produced by shady brands may not work as you expect.


Make sure to read product reviews to learn about the benefits and side effects of the product you are eyeing on. Research the company brand to know if they manufacture their products in the US and if they have money back guarantee policy.


Make Your Family Meals Colorful

Most diet plans have pre designed meals you need to follow for breakfast, lunch and dinner. But considering that no one else can cook for your family, you simply have to whip up your daily meals based on what your entire family wants to eat. Instead of following the complicated daily meals these diet fads suggest, make you own version instead. Research on calorie counting and where to source healthy foods.


The rule of thumb is to prepare your own meals from colorful whole foods like broccoli, red, green and yellow bell peppers, lemons, beans, carrots, eggplants, cauliflower and other colorful vegetables. Keeping assorted fruits can also satisfy your sweet tooth and these are healthier dessert alternatives for the kids.


Do Not Compare Yourself To Other Moms

Comparing yourself to other moms will only sabotage the progress you made. Yes, there are other moms out there who look incredible, but keep in mind that not every family’s situation is the same. Some moms may find losing weight easier because they have more free time and moral support than you do. So what?


There are things in life that come easy to you but they struggle with. That is just how life goes and it happens to all of us. Just keep in mind that patience and commitment to your lifestyle change will go hand in hand. You will not successfully lose weight if you do not have the patience for it.


Make It About You

Some moms have deeper reasons for their weight loss. It is easy to get jealous of other parents who for some miraculous reason seemed like never went through the dramatic body changes that pregnancy brings about. Whatever the reason is, you need to make your weight loss about you.


Continue working out because it makes you feel strong and healthy. Eat healthy foods persistently because they give you more energy and they help you feel satiated. This kind of mentality also affects how your children perceive body image as they grow up, so carry on with this kind of energy.


Find Motivation

Jealousy among other moms can bring your self esteem down, but if this drives you more to do better, why not? Just make sure to use it on a positive note. For example, if you see your friend Ana who have lost a lot of weight after she gave birth, approach her and ask how she did it and try to ask what her secrets are in becoming fit. Let her be your guide and motivation instead of secretly stalking her in her social media accounts to know how she successfully lost weight.


Find motivation from your kids too. Single parents tend to become too enclosed in finding inspiration due to their hectic schedules and forget that the kids are always their source of motivation. If you think about it, there is no one else our kids can run to and rely on if we get terribly ill. It is your main duty to guide them in everything they do and if you are not there for them, who will? You can continue to work out and eat healthy to prevent the possibility of getting diabetes and other diseases like high blood pressure, stroke or cancer to live a longer and disease-free life.


Never Expect Instant Results

Even the most available and single person have to work hard for months to lose weight. For single parents with a lot on their plates, getting upset is inevitable because it will take longer than a few weeks to see results. Do not give up simply for this reason.


You will not lose weight in 7 days unless you dropped everything else in your schedule to focus on weight loss alone. If you keep up with your daily exercise and balanced meals, you will eventually see results in the next 4 to 8 weeks. Take your time, be patient and stay committed.


Include Your Kids

If you have toddlers, playing with them is a fun and smart way of losing weight. Aside from the health benefits you get from running around, you improve your relationship with your children. Take them to the park every day after school, dance with them in the living room, go to theme parks and water parks with them constantly.


Their happiness will give you such bliss that it will inspire you to become a better mom for them. Teach your kids the value of healthy food so that they know why you have to eat differently than other people.


Teenagers will probably be the most supportive as they grow more conscious of their physical appearance every day. Talk to them why you need to go out a few hours of the day to work out. Inspire them to adapt the same changes you made and make healthy living a habit.


If you stay patient and committed, you will be amazed how your weight loss journey makes you feel happier, more energized and more confident. These benefits are also important to convey to your children and when you do, you will surely feel that every hard work, sacrifice and sleepless nights a single mom had to suffer is all worth it.