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8 Tips for Making and Keeping for your Goals!

8 Tips for Making and Keeping for your Goals!

8 Tips for Making and KEEPING your Goals!{loadposition hidden-adsense-block-intro}

It’s that time of year again when most of us take a few moments to reflect on our life and set goals at the beginning of a new year. These goals start out with enthusiasm, but many of us find it hard to make the changes stick and they fall to the wayside, victims of our busy lives. Why is it that New Year’s resolutions are often abandoned? Let’s take a look at some practical tips that can help you successfully navigate to your end result, make your dreams become a reality and give more meaning to living.

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Some of the most important points to consider are:

Choose Carefully

Carefully choose the right resolution for you and for the right reasons – put some serious thought into this in terms of what you really want and WHY. What is the real purpose behind it and what will that mean to you? Are you truly willing to make the effort? Write it down!

Create an Action Plan

Clarify and identify in as much detail as possible the short and long-term goals. It’s great to have BIG goals as long as they have realistic and attainable smaller steps that take you to the same end result. The more specific and detailed those smaller steps are, the faster you’ll be able to move forward – what’s the goal? – what do I need to accomplish that? How can I break that down into a manageable piece that I can accomplish this week? What are the steps that I need to do to get that task completed? What will it look like when it is fulfilled? Write it down! The lack of a well defined and concrete reachable goal results in lack of focus and further meanderings that take you back in circles. As the old saying goes ” If you fail to plan, you plan to fail”


Prioritize your list of resolutions and identify two to three specific goals that you want to focus on immediately and then move down the list of actions. Remember, you need a starting point and will not accomplish it all in one day, you may need to set daily, weekly, monthly and even yearly goals that provide a roadmap from which to start. Be realistic about what you can tackle at once, if you try to do too much, you may be setting yourself up for failure and quitting after one slip, better to start small, see positive results, be encouraged and see that motivation and energy snowball into even greater accomplishments.

Set Deadlines

Establish a higher level of commitment and focus that efficiently moves you toward the end goal. Be realistic, but challenging – be willing to push yourself to the edge, but not over the edge. Lack of deadlines leaves too much room for avoidance and procrastination, which can lead to the disappointment of unmet goals.

What are you Thoughts?

Pay attention to your thinking! Don’t let negativity and nagging self-doubt rob you of precious energy and dreams that you have. Are you thinking positively and rolling those tapes in your head that remind you of why this is important and that you can succeed. For example: “Today, I am one step closer and have made some progress”.

Rewards for Progress

The end result is great, but it’s not always enough in the day to day actions – reward yourself for the smaller goals you’ve accomplished as well. Rewards can be anything you choose that would serve to motivate and reward you – examples include – manicure, quiet stroll on the beach, cup of coffee with friends or whatever you find fits for you personally. Weekly, take a look at your written goals, see what you’ve accomplished and celebrate!

Remain Flexible

Expect that there will be changes along the way in some aspect – life changes, priorities change, and so too should the goals according to the needs you have as priority items. It is beneficial to re-evaluate from time to time to make sure you are going in the direction that exactly reflects what you want to do. Keep in mind that if something isn’t working as planned – it doesn’t mean that you should throw it out, but take a step back and look at the surrounding circumstances, adjust accordingly and move forward.

Accountability and Support

Begin by surrounding yourself with people and situations that support and encourage you and give you motivation to complete your goals. Secondly form a support system that will not only challenge you, but also support you in sticking to your specific goals. Thirdly, hire a coach who is there to for you, to specifically help you succeed with your goals and can challenge, encourage and hold you accountable in a way that empowers you to make your dreams a reality. Coming up with a comprehensive list of steps is not easy for everyone, the solution is to get help in the planning process and identifying obstacles that stand between them and their goals and create a plan for achieving the goal

Good luck with your goals this year. Get as specific as possible and see the difference it makes! Send us your resolution/goal story! We’d love to hear what you are doing!

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