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Top 10 Cancer Signs Every Woman Shouldn’t Ignore

Top 10 Cancer Signs Every Woman Shouldn’t Ignore

Cancer can attack any part of the body . Hence, you need to be alert to notice any kind of change. The female breast is among the parts that one should check in order to have treatment in case you find changes. Ensure that you consult a doctor if you notice unusual lumps in your breast. Avoid going over the counter for treatment rather go for check up and have tests done later the doctor will administer the best and suitable medical drugs. Strictly follow the doctor’s prescription to the latter. The earlier you get to know that cancer is existing in your body, the better since it will be easily dealt with.

The following are the top 10 cancer signs every woman should not ignore
1. Bloating
Women are frequent to bloat especially those that pregnant. If you notice they do not change and are accompanied by bleeding and weight loss, immediately go for check up. This may be a symbol of ovarian cancer that must be tested with immediate effect. Make sure that your doctor clarifies the problem after the results. Cancer is real and needs to be administered faster than any other disease.

2. Breast changes
Always massage your breast in search for any changes. If you find a lump harder than all others, make a point of having blood tests done. Not all lumps cause cancer rather do not ignore. Other symptoms that may cause alarm fir breast cancer are: sunken nipple, nipple discharge, redness of the skin around the nipple.

3. Changes in the skin
The symptoms of skin cancer are also visible but need an experienced person to identify them. They include: change in color, size and shape of a spot should create an alarm that something is not right with your skin. Do not ignore these unusual changes, instead, let a doctor make clarifications for you.

4. Between period breeding
If you are past menopause, you should not wait or expect blood along the vagina. In case you notice, make sure that you see a doctor for check up. These can be the symptoms of the lining of the uterus. In case you are menstruating and notice bleeding in between your period rush for check up.

5. Blood in your stool
Do not ignore this thinking that it will end with time. Take some tests and let the doctor clarify for you since it is a symptom of hemorrhoids and colon cancer. These symptoms do not necessarily mean that you are already diagnosed with cancer rather they symbolize that you need to check up and clarification.

6. Heartburn
This is a symptom of cancer of the colon stomach or throat. It does not call for alarm since there are much other cause of heartburn such as pregnancy, overeating alcohol or stress. If the heartburn persists, this is when you need a thorough checkup in your general body in search for early stages for cancer.

7. Weight loss without trying
For your body to lose weight, there must be something triggering it such as exercise, diet or stress. In case you are doing none of the above, this raises alarm since it can be a sign of pancreatic, lung or stomach cancer. Let the doctor confirm it for you; avoid letting people know about your condition before the doctor declares it.

8. Changes in lymph nodes
Earlier ago the change in lymph nodes symbolized tonsils which were most common in the children. Currently, they are also a symptom of leukemia and lymphoma which are types of cancer and need immediate doctor’s attention.

9. Trouble in swallowing
It symbolizes that you are stressed or depressed but has also become a symptom of stomach cancer. If it is associated with vomiting, seek an appointment with your doctor and have tests run in your body to clarify your condition.

10. Fever
Do not ignore any changes in your body health especially if they are consistent. A fever that does not get healed is deemed to raise alarm since it can mean leukemia or blood cancer. Do not get shocked by the assumptions made since your immune system might be low in such a way that healing a fever will take time.

Ignorance has no defense hence; do not ignore any of the 10 signs. It is better when the doctor clarifies that you are safe. Educate other women on these signs and request them, to make sure they have educated someone else. This is the best way to k keep everyone aware about cancer and with this; we shall have reduced cancer deaths. Cancer is among the most deadly disease that needs to be handled from every cause. Be informed of new symptoms of cancer and do not withhold any new symptom, just share it.