Top 10 Medical Job Boards

Top 10 Medical Job Boards

Healthcare is not an easy field, so a desire for working in the healthcare field is extremely admirable. Thousands of students get accepted into medical school or some other form of medical education every year, beginning their love affair with medicine, surgery, and overworked days. The emotional, mental, and physical commitment is extraordinary and time consuming. Eventually, every student and/or resident that has drudged through and survived arrives at that point where they must leave the comfort their training program and embark on their rightfully earned career. The road to the medical field is long and hard, and many do not begin to consider their future past the medical training program until late in that process. Luckily, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the healthcare field will have up to a 19 percent job growth increase in the next ten years, providing plenty of vacancies.

No matter if you’re a recent graduate, first responder, nurse, technician, or a skilled surgeon looking for a change of scenery, online job boards can provide an opportunity to learn who is hiring and where the health care jobs are located. Finding a job is a numbers game. Some job seekers want to get in, find a job they want, and get out. But others enjoy resources that help them with their career, and compare their options. Efficiency and resources count for the employers too, making job board audiences both employers and potential employees.

The most popular and widely used medical job boards have a few things in common, but the experiences can be quite different. Below is a countdown of the top 10 medical job board sites that can easily help you find your new job, or check out your competition:

10. Beyond

Beyond logo

Beyond boasts a network of over 50 million professionals with their specific career opportunities. On the website easily search Job Title or keywords that fit specific job needs along with location–either city, state or postal code. For businesses currently hiring, there is a diverse community of healthcare professionals including sales, management, technology, and finance. Beyond’s Career Advice section is really helpful and they frequently post numerous questions, articles, and answers. Seen current trends in specific professions and specialties for salary comparison, along with what other organizations might be looking to fill a position.

Beyond also offers a mobile app that allows users to post, search, and apply for jobs from their phones.

9. JAMA CareerCenter

JAMA CareerCente logo

JAMA CareerCenter is a sister site for The Journal of the American Medical Association. The JAMA Career Center provides an all-in-one source of physician career opportunities, news, and information relevant to Physicians, Physician Assistants, and Advanced Practice Nurses. Job postings are available for every specialty and practice setting from all over the country. Offering “Quick” and “Advanced” search engines, job seekers can search as broadly (all specialties, everywhere) and narrowly (this specialty, here) as pleased.

This site also offers resources to job seekers when they create a free account including: mapping a career strategy, save CV and search alerts, and apply to interested positions as soon as they open.

Employers can also create an account. By choosing from an array of multimedia advertising solutions, recruiters can post and capture the attention of the best medical staff they want to target.

8. Medical Jobs logo aims to help people learn about different medical careers and find jobs in that field. offers an interactive medical career comparison tool to help job seekers figure out what medical job is right for them by allowing adjustment to desired salary, education, physical and mental exertion, and the job prospective outlook for that specialty. In addition to the comparison tool, posts weekly articles to help you get a different view of potential medical careers. Their most popular help articles include: Four Great Medical Jobs for Shy People, Should I Be a Doc in a Box?, Medical Careers for Moms, and Opticians Have More Options Than You Think.

7. MedJobCafe

MedJobCafe logo

MedJobCafe is a healthcare hiring service search engine that provides thousands of job opportunity listings for a variety of medical job seekers. Users are required to create a free account to access the search results. After searching and finding career matches, MedJobCafe provides users with tools to create a professional CV to be emailed to employers.

After registering for a free account users are given the opportunity to browse employer and recruiter profiles hosted on the website.

Job seekers can view employer information ranging from facility size and community values to school quality and weather averages in the area of the job posting. This valuable information will give job seekers what they need to make informed decisions about every healthcare job opportunity posted on the website.

MedJobCafe also provides numerous links to specific job search website geared towards a specific professions within the healthcare community, including: Physicians, Physician Assistants, Nursing, Detists, and Pharmaceutical.

6. The New England Journal of Medicine CareerCenter

The New England Journal of Medicine CareerCenter logo

Physician exclusive job postings on NEJM CareerCenter originate from the recruitment classified section of the New England Journal of Medicine. By creating an account, physicians are able to control the privacy of their profiles by choosing to hide their profile or make their information public to other users and potential employers. Users have the option and help to create personalized cover letters and attach CVs to their account anytime as well as when applying for open positions.

NEJM CareerCenter also provides employment articles, offering advice articles and job hunting tips. The most helpful articles posted include: Maximizing Medical Meeting Networking Opportunities, Career Guide: MD Career Path 2016 edition, Managing Medical Education Debt Strategically, and Physician Cover Letters: Why Writing a Good One Is As Important As Ever.

NEJM CareerCenter offers a phone app for users to search the latest jobs by specialty, position type, and location. These jobs can be saved and emailed to users’ accounts for later application.

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