Top Ten Tips for Surviving Resideny – From a Male Medical Spouse and Father (2)

6. Use Technology: This is a fun one. Take technology to task. Use it to help communicate and make time. Try and learn new combination of characters to spell out or symbolize a thought on your pager. Download pic’s to your PDA. Or take a snapshot using your cell phone or PDA and send it instantly. My daughter takes snapshots with her Zire downloads them to my wife’s email account or takes a snapshot with her camera sending it to her cell phone. You should do the same with your devices. I use a blackberry cell phone from T-Mobile to send on the go emails so I don’t have to worry about frequency strengths or hospital policy on cell phone use.

7. Intimacy: Never confuse intimacy with sex but if you do it’s a great way to be confused. Intimacy is important since you are away so much of the time. It doesn’t have to be a grand gesture but a meaningful one. Perhaps a note tucked away to be found in your absence or doing the laundry once and a while. Al it has to do is communicate warmth and understanding. Did I mention sex?

8. Leave it at the hospital: Keep your work and its frustrations at the hospital. Bringing your issues home sets a foundation of irritability that eventually everyone builds on. Try instead to focus on what’s positive at the home. Hard to do but the more practiced the better home life becomes.

9. You are not alone: The X-Files aside this is not a singular effort although it might seem that way to you. We, the other silent side of medicine, sacrifice much to support your pursuits. The more you recognize and honor what we do the more peace of mind you’ll have. Will someone suggest at the next award ceremony that there should be an award given out for the best support given to a medical professional please?

10. Realism: This is one tough one. Be realistic about your future and your plans to get there. If you have to postpone many of the more common aspects of life so that you can achieve your goals let the other know the reality, the hardships ahead, so that they may be able to weather the walk ahead.

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