Travel RN Jobs (2)

Travel RN Jobs (2)

How much do travel RN jobs pay?

The typical rate paid to travel RNs is in the range of $30 to $40 per hour, however this is by no means a rule.

Just as with standard nursing jobs, the salary of a travel RN will be affected by the region where they are hired and the size of the medical facility. Other factors which affect salary include the length of the job and the specialty and work experience of the applicant. Generally, travel nurses are paid a certain amount per hour and are also provided with housing during their stay at the facility.

One travel nurse reports that her agency covers her costs for relocating, housing and utilities, as well as substantial referral and contract completion bonuses. Contract details are worked out on an individual basis.

Hour-per-hour, travel nurses make more than their full-time, direct-hire counterparts – particularly when considering that housing expenses are often covered.

Searching for travel RN jobs

There are three main ways that a person could find these jobs. One way is to use online tools like travel nurse job boards and search engines. Online tools provide a broad list of available jobs. The second way is to directly seek the help of a travel nurse recruiter who will be able to place the nurse in various jobs across the country. A third option, for individuals interested in working in a particular location or destination, is to find the desired place of employment and then identify and contact the recruiters contracted to fill positions there.

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