Life Reflections

well, well, well…

here we are. I’ve been thinking a lot about time lately – how we spend it, how it passes, that it marches on whether we want it to or not.

Some current times:
28 weeks pregnant
9 weeks left of residency
16 weeks until boards
14 weeks of maternity leave (what is THAT?!)
2 new daycares in our new city (the infant daycare we chose is inside the high school)
1 new primary care job
4 days a week at my new job (which day should I take off?)
4 more overnight ICU shifts
16 t-ball games left

and one amazing life! The dream lives on 🙂

Yes, we have finally decided on a future after residency. Having options is fantastic, and a little overwhelming. It was just last week that I finally let go of hospitalist as a true contender – when I look at what is most important to me and mine, avoiding working nights and weekends was near the top of the list. And I do love outpatient medicine these days – it seems so much more gratifying to cultivate relationships and see how the story unfolds than it does to efficiently navigate folks through the inpatient world. Although I’m keeping my options open by doing some inpatient work too.

I’m joining a small practice in a (relatively) small town. The girls want goats, Honey wants a shop, Teenage Boy wants his driver’s permit, and I want to sit back, enjoy the ride, and find out what flavor of baby this is in July!

Jonesie is a third year internal medicine resident, mom of 3.5, wife to Honey, embracing her love of primary care and wondering what happened to the rest of the pistachio ice cream.